Parade not supporting small business |

Parade not supporting small business


Seventeen years ago, I went to the Gardnerville Town Board and asked them why Gardnerville didn’t have any Christmas decorations. They said if we wanted them, for me to get a committee together and raise the funds. A group of business owners and I worked for several years doing the Downtown Hoe Down to pay for the snowflakes. The only thing we asked for was for the parade to come off Douglas Avenue and to start at Lampe Park, so all of old town Gardnerville was included going into old town Minden.

They agreed to this.

Now the Chamber of Commerce and the Sheriff’s department seem to be running it, and anything south of Eddy Street doesn’t count. They are hurting all of the small businesses by doing this. The customers who are used to eating in our restaurants, or watching from our shops and staying warm aren’t going to get to for the second year in a row.

The chamber told me that we needed to offer hot drinks to get people to come into our businesses during the parade. If you can’t see the parade from our businesses, then people aren’t going to come in.

Last year south of the parade we all offered specials … hot drinks and snacks, and it didn’t do any good. I was told the sheriff’s office said there were problems in the evening, and that was why they couldn’t start the parade from Lampe. The problems can’t be anywhere as bad as the Friday and Saturday of Carson Valley Days, and they don’t seem to be making any changes there. If you want to see the parade back to the old route, you need to tell the Chamber of Commerce and the Sheriff’s Office, and don’t let them make excuses.

The Main Street Program, small businesses and volunteers, have worked together to make Gardnerville a place that we hope you will want to come to. The small businesses are the backbone of the community. We all gladly donate to most fundraisers from the Scouts to volunteer fire departments, sports and people who have health problems. We are always there when needed by the community. We all need the help of our community, so remember to shop your local small businesses.

Sandy Anderson