Parade change not good |

Parade change not good


I’m not sure whose idea it was or the reasons for changing the Parade of Lights route but hopefully by next year they will have come to their senses. The Main Street Gardnerville committee that is supposed to promote downtown Gardnerville and make it a walking community should be ashamed for effectively leaving out most of the actual downtown corridor.

The Chamber of Commerce who sponsors the event didn’t even notify the businesses they are supposed to support of the change or any reasons for the change. Also being left out are all of the families living in the neighborhoods behind Scolari’s, Smith’s, Raley’s, GES and even Kingslane.

They were able to walk to the parade and now will have to drive, and then where will they park? I hope that some one will explain the reasons for the change which might help us all to understand.

Kathi Hussman