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Our View: More from ’04

Record-Courier editorial

Christmas came Tuesday for the Douglas County graduates of 2002 and 2003.

With the school board’s unanimous decision to lower the test scores required for a diploma, the students in those classes have assurance the education they’ve received will be sufficient to graduate.

While lauding a lower standard isn’t necessarily logical, in this case it is fair. Someone has to be first to meet the higher graduation standards, but the class should be one that’s had appropriate training and instruction.

The break on the test scores doesn’t mean the classes of ’02 and ’03 can rest on their laurels. As many will learn and most working folks can attest, the ability to do a job can’t always be determined by a test. Success in the job market is part of an ethic that includes hard work and a willingness to learn and fully understand a concept.

This phased approach also gives future classes plenty of notice that more will be expected of them, starting with the class of 2004.

This decision wasn’t made lightly, and was preceded by months of debate from people with perspectives from all sides. The school board members had all the necessary background to make the decision. The board – including outgoing trustees Randy Wallstrum, John Raker and Don Forrester – did the right thing by addressing this issue now and not leaving it for the their successors.