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Our View: Let’s catch up some air!

Record-Courier editorial

Boy! You hand some people a lemon and they make lemonade.

That’s one way to look at how the county is handling the setback handed down by the Nevada Supreme Court earlier this summer regarding a master plan amendment near Lampe Park.

The Supreme Court ruled that the county acted illegally in denying a master plan change for 30 acres south of Waterloo Lane. As part of the original request, the land owners offered to donate 22 acres so the county could enlarge Lampe Park.

The area was considered a prime site for the county’s new skate park.

The county denied the request, the skate park was scheduled for Lampe Park and the property owners went to the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, plans were developed for the skate park over the protests of neighbors who cited parking and traffic concerns at the new site next to the tennis courts, a playground and parking lot.

The Supreme Court ruled a few weeks ago that the county erred in denying the original master plan amendment and ordered commissioners to approve the landowners’ request for commercial development on 7 acres.

Coincidentally, delays in the bid process have held up the start date for the skate park.

Well, the commissioners have suggested, perhaps the skate park should be located at the original site. The board indicated the landowners, Herbig Properties Ltd., will have to repeat the entire planning process if they refuse to honor their original commitment to donate the property.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, the landowners will forget who held up their project for months and donate the 22 acres after all, no questions asked.

In the event the commissioners forget their manners, we would like to say, “Thank you, Herbigs.” Let’s catch some air!