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Our Take: Needed repairs a start

Pretty much the only way the county was going to move forward with its stormwater plans was to come up with the money without dinging taxpayers.

That’s why it was a good thing commissioners set aside $1.1 million during the budget process to start that work.

The budget for the new stormwater unit won’t build a dam or much of a retention basin, but it will do the work needed to improve the system in place.

And coupled with the Johnson Lane Area Drainage Plan, it could provide the steam required to obtain federal grants to help build the larger projects.

We’ve seen the flooding through the North Valley first hand, and there’s no doubt in our minds something must be done.

But we’re also familiar with Douglas County’s tax averse residents. The thing about flooding in Johnson Lane is that it isn’t vaguely annual.

When the floods hit in the mid-1990s, people debated similar measures. But when nothing happened after a half dozen years, they decided it would be OK to leave things as they were.

Our hope is that this effort will see some relief for residents living in Carson Valley’s alluvial fans.