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Our Opinion: Our future is now

Record-Courier editorial

Since the middle of October, we’ve probably published 100 letters to the editor, columns and guest opinions on the state, local and national elections.

We hope by now that readers have taken the opportunity to examine every conceivable side of the candidates and the issues.

As of Friday – the last day of early voting – more than 5,000 residents in Douglas County had already cast their ballots. Our attention is now directed at those of you who elected to wait until Tuesday.

Please don’t stay home.

You know how the 100 or so of us feel about the presidential races and the school board; open space, marriage definitions; medical marijuana and the business tax. You can be fairly sure if people took time to write letters, they vote.

Do you trust us? Did you see your point of view? Do you agree with everything you read? Are you comfortable with others deciding the state, county and country’s future for the next four years?

Some say this presidential election will be the closest since the 1960 Kennedy-Nixon race. Here in Douglas County, poll watchers believe the open space tax issue is too close to call. We remind you that one of the school board primary races was decided by only two votes.

Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Reed is hoping for a 70 percent or better turnout on Tuesday. Please do your duty and take time to vote.

Big changes are ahead for Douglas County in the 21st century, and you should have an opportunity to decide. It’s your future.