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Opposition shameful


Tony Sabino’s latest attempts to sabotage the proposed airport ordinance on the November ballot can kindly be described as self-serving and dishonest. From letters to the editor to half-page, expensive ads his behavior is shameful.

Mr. Sabino’s latest salvo of negativity and untruths originates in a series of disputes on other issues that have nothing whatever to do with the weight ordinance nor what is best for county residents and taxpayers.

Quite to the contrary, in a letter dated Aug. 10, 2010, from Mr. Sabino to the county he demands that the county buy his business for $850,000 or “The airport ordinance will most likely fail because of… Tony Sabino’s efforts.” Further, he states that if the county agrees to his demands, “Tony Sabino will not work to block the airport initiative in November.” Our Assistant County Manager Steve Mokrohisky responded to this threat with a letter dated Aug. 25, 2010. In it, he writes: “We do not accept and will not be part of this inappropriate and unethical behavior.” I should think not.

Just a few days after Steve Mokrohisky’s refusal of acquiescence was hand delivered to Mr. Sabino, a letter from him to the editor of the RC slamming the airport ordinance was published. Since that time, Mr. Sabino has run half-page ads in two local newspapers including The Record-Courier that tell all sorts of untruths in an attempt to sabotage the ordinance.

Tony Sabino’s efforts to mislead county residents with misinformation about the proposed airport ordinance are simply the fulfillment of a promise he made to the county should they not agree to pay him an exorbitant amount of money. Mr. Sabino only cares about his own interests, not those of our county residents.

I am voting “yes” on county Question No. 1 when I vote in November. I encourage every voter to read the ordinance on the county Web site and make the determination themselves on how to vote for context, please see Steve Mokrohisky’s and Tony Sabino’s letters at https://sites.google.com/site/mindenairportordinace/

Al Browne