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Oppose county funding for event center

The Board of County Commissioners meeting on providing funding from Redevelopment Area No. 2 for an event center is proposed to be held April 16. The residents need to come out in full force, defend our Douglas County incremental property tax dollars and ask the commissioners to “just say no” to providing the $34.25 million funding source for the South Lake Tahoe Event Center. I’m not saying no to the Event Center just the RDA 2 funds being provided

Here are a few items for consideration:

How many dollars are the privately owned casinos putting forward? (none that I know of) as they definitely stand to benefit from the Event Center being built with increased room stays. Example: sporting events will be held there and most participants arrive the night before; this isn’t just a concert venue. The mandatory paid parking mitigation is private enterprise with dollars going to the casinos.

Also note the RDA 2 referendum petition was submitted with over 3000 signatures on March 23.

The approval process put the cart before the horse. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Main Street Management Plan should have come first (not yet approved) then the South Lake Event Center as necessary funding needs to be obtained as the MSMP coincides with achieving some of the proposed mitigations for the Event Center and mitigation success using adaptive management.

Conclusions from negotiations with the California Attorney General and a stakeholder group comprised of TRPA Attorney, Executive Director and staff, members of the League to Save Lake Tahoe and members of the Tahoe Douglas Visitors Authority :

Comments provided 3-25-2020 at the TRPA Governing Board Webinar meeting: The California Attorney General’s concerns with the Events Center have been focused on the Vehicle Miles Traveled and related environmental impacts that the Events Center will generate.

We are pleased that staff and the applicant have agreed to a net zero VMT standard for the project and are pleased with the commitments that have been made to implement that standard through a variety of important permit conditions and a rigorous monitoring/adaptive management protocol.

We are particularly excited about the formalization of paid parking in the casino core and the implementation of year-round micro transit with 15-minute headways – we think these elements can in fact be catalyzing for transportation on the south shore.

As a Douglas County taxpayer, a couple more funding source questions come to mind.

How will the proposed free micro transit be paid for which is part of the MSMP?

There is a possibility of utility relocation needed to accommodate the re-aligned road in the MSMP proposal. Will Douglas County be on the hook for the infrastructure upgrades?

Let’s see if the applicant provides funding information to Douglas County that was requested in a 3-25-2020 comment to TRPA Governing Board. “I am requesting the applicant or TTD provide an up to date summary/spreadsheet identifying all secured funds/sources as well as all unsecured proposed FHWA, other grants, possibly Douglas County, etc. funds expected to be obtained to adequately fund the project.”

Ellie Waller moved to Carson Valley October 2019. She is a member of the Friends of Tahoe Vista