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Operation Postcard

by Sharlene Irete

Thousands of service men and women will have holiday greetings on Christmas thanks to the efforts of the Blue Star Moms’ Operation Postcard. Carson Valley Blue Star Moms have about 10,000 recycled Christmas cards to distribute and send to U.S. troops this year.

The Blue Star Moms have recycled cards in packs of 100 ready to deliver to residents who would like to write holiday greetings to Americans serving in the Armed Forces. The Operation Postcard drive runs until the end of November which gives the Blue Star Moms time to get the cards to group commanders in time for Christmas.

Blue Star Moms President Barbara Clark encourages residents to disperse cards at their schools, businesses or service groups to help support overseas U.S. troops. The group pays to get the postcards sent.

“Write a message or draw a picture,” said Clark. “This year we’ve already passed out almost 6,000 cards. We’re going to see a big leap in the number of cards sent. A number of us have our own sons and daughters deployed and this is another means of contact.”

Clark’s son Patrick Clark, who graduated from Douglas High School in 2005, signed up for six years as a sonar technician in the Navy. Patrick is stationed in San Diego and, on Monday, he and his family were waiting to learn if he had advanced from Petty Officer 3rd Class to Petty Officer 2nd Class.

Barbara Clark said she didn’t know who to talk to when Patrick was first deployed.

“I didn’t know who to talk to,” she said. “Your friends have a different slant on the situation. You have a lot of emotions and it’s good to be supported by people with similar situations.

“The group is all for doing the postcard drive but it’s primarily for the support of moms who have children in the military, especially when they’re first deployed.”

The community is encouraged to support overseas U.S. troops by writing a message on the back of Christmas cards to be dispersed by Blue Star Moms by Christmas.

To find out how to get packs of Christmas cards delivered to your school, home or business, contact Blue Star Moms President Barbara Clark at bluestarmoms@charter.net or Vice President Leslie Evans at 782-3168 for postcard deliveries and pickup.

— Sharlene Irete is People Editor of The R-C and may be reached at 782-5121, ext. 210.