Openings better than alternative |

Openings better than alternative

It’s easy to take a jaundiced view of the recent openings of Walmart in Gardnerville and Maverik in Minden.

As events go, ribbon-cuttings and grand openings tend to be theater, orchestrated for the benefit of the attendees and established to put their subject in the best light.

But after the last five years, it doesn’t require a very powerful bulb to produce a fairly favorable light.

For all the superstition about the number 13, so far 2013 has been pretty lucky in terms of Carson Valley’s job market.

We know that people will say those aren’t very high paying jobs, but we answer that a job is better than no job or no prospect of finding one.

We’ve overheard more than one new Walmart associate express gratitude at finding work.

The Maverik represents a few additional jobs, but at least that’s more than we had.

Douglas County has had a long dry spell in the employment department. Taxable sales haven’t shown a substantial jump over the course of the last three years, barely rising during the middle of last year before dropping back down into the same “bouncing along the bottom” pattern it has been in since 2009.

Walmart and Maverik aren’t the lights at the end of the tunnel, but their opening over the past few weeks has been enough to give some folks hope. And sometimes that’s enough.