Only one shot to count |

Only one shot to count

Anyone who’s following the Republican race to determine who’s going to face President Obama in November and has an urge to participate doesn’t have long to make a decision.

While the Republican caucus is Feb. 4, participation requires that anyone interested be registered on Friday or not get in.

Unlike the Democrats, who were registering people on the day of the caucus in 2008, Republicans are requiring participants to be registered to vote in their party for at least two weeks.

Anyone expecting to see a Republican presidential hopeful on a primary ballot will be in for a big surprise. The Feb. 4 caucus will be the only opportunity Republicans have to provide input on their favorite candidate.

Of course by Feb. 4, it may already be decided. Nevada’s caucus is first in the West, but South Carolina and Florida are ahead of us in line, and as we’ve seen with just Iowa and New Hampshire the herd is thinning out fast.

The good news for Nevada Republicans is that their votes will count toward delegates that will end up in the national convention. In 2008, Republicans conducted a straw poll, which favored Mitt Romney. By the time the convention arrived, Romney was out of the running and Nevada’s contribution rendered irrelevant.

Those interested in participating, no matter what happens in the coming weeks, had better sign up this week or be prepared to witness history instead of playing a part in it.