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Only in Genoa

letter to the EDITOR:

“Only in Genoa” could a great concert series with top-name entertainment, become a hassle and end up with several newspaper articles in area newspapers, special meetings that involve county commissioners and the county manager. I’m sure the promoters thought what a beautiful setting for a concert, under the trees in the stockade with Sierras as a back drop. Little did they know the setting was beautiful, just some of the people are ugly.

I have read letters to the editor in the past on how the people in Genoa don’t want to be like Minden and Gardnerville. “Don’t worry you’re not.” Minden and Gardnerville have had several concerts, the groups play loud music and cars are parked on the residential streets and a few concerts have gone past the allotted time. But as yet, I have not read one complaint in any of the papers.

I guess this also must mean that Genoa doesn’t want any of the people who have or will be attending the concerts to come to Genoa for Candy Dance or Pops in the Park. After all, those events generate traffic and noise. Candy Dance actually adversely affects many in the area around the town and they get no tax benefit or services from the fund-raiser. I have never quite figured out why people who live in over $300,000 houses want people who live outside the town to volunteer so they don’t have to pay higher taxes. I guess Genoa won’t be asking for volunteers from outside the town this year to help with Candy Dance. I’m sure those who are complaining about the concerts will roll up their sleeves and get to work.

I think the Sani Huts that are left in the fort are much more appropriate today than what was there 100 years ago. I am sure this year the Sani Huts at Candy Dance will be decorated properly in a historical venue and Pops in the park will get red, white, and blue ones; after all, this is Genoa.

I do have some suggestions for those who seem to be so upset by the concerts. Invite friends over for a barbecue, enjoy the music, remember those inside the fort are paying good money for the concert and you get to listen for free. I understand tourism is down, so see a show in an area casino or go out to dinner or go to the movies. This would help put some money into our local economy like what the Starlight Concert Series is doing. Even better, get together with all the others who seem so upset by this at the town kitchen and make candy for Candy Dance on Saturday nights.

I’m sure those involved with the Starlight Concerts were excited about bringing this caliber of entertainment to Genoa and Carson Valley. They were looking at it as a benefit to the entire community, which it is. They went through the proper channels by getting a special events permit. I’m sure it was on the Genoa Town Board’s agenda at least twice. Where were the concerned citizens? Did they voice their concerns? They sure have a lot to say now.

Laurie Hickey


Aug. 19