One miracle would be nice |

One miracle would be nice

After a febrile February, which ran about a degree warmer than average, and only a fraction of the precipitation, residents could be forgiven for hoping for a little miracle in their March.

The precipitation picture for February was anything but fabulous. The total for the month in Minden was .19 inches, according to the National Weather Service, which included 1.5 inches of snow. Average for the month is 1.15 inches.

Up top, snow telemetry was showing the snow water equivalent at Carson Pass is 45 percent of average as of Tuesday. Lower elevations are doing even worse with Blue Lakes reading 31 percent of average and Poison Flat at 21 percent.

The National Weather Service is pretty much betting the farm on the storm due in today, calling it the biggest storm of 2018.

That really isn’t saying a whole lot, but the prospect of some serious snow in the mountains is welcome news.

Besides the sewer ponds and a few small reservoirs, the snowpack essentially serves as Carson Valley’s upstream storage.

That means as great as last year’s record-breaking precipitation was, ranchers need every winter to be a good one to keep the Valley green.

A bad winter like this one is turning out to be means ranchers with supplemental rights will be pumping their wells, which means pumping across the Valley will approach the limits set by the state engineer.

All of East Fork Township’s drinking water comes out of the ground, which puts utilties and private well owners at odds when it comes to pumpage.

One good storm can make a considerable difference to the water picture

So, let’s hope March actually does come in like a lion, and keeps on roaring for a bit.