Offended at language |

Offended at language


I recognize and accept people can print just about anything in an ad in your paper. It is free speech. However, the ad run by this Tony Sabino from Soar Minden is offensive. I imagine it is offensive to many people in our community, particularly, our elected officials and the public servants we employ.

He accuses our county representatives of “subterfuge” and being “sneaky.” I guess he forgot who elected them. Although I don’t always agree, from my point of view our commissioners are pretty good people trying to do what the citizens who elected them expect. The people I work with who are county employees are professional and look out for our best interests.  Some of the people employed by the County I count as my friends.

Tony Sabino can buy an ad and say what he wants.  But my experience with the people in our County government is that they have integrity and work hard. I suggest Mr. Sabino go insult someone who deserves it. Up until now I might not have been sure how to vote on the airport ordinance, but I will vote “yes” just to oppose Sabino’s degrading accusations.

Don Caspary