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Oct. 22 Letters to the Editor

Organizers of a spaghetti fundraiser at the Corner Bar set up for Saturday's benefit for Kylee Lash.
Kurt Hildebrand

Editor’s Note: Because Oct. 29 is the last edition of The Record-Courier before the Nov. 3 election, we will not be accepting any more letters including new issues. We welcome letters supporting candidates, which are due by noon Monday.

Clarifying position on redevelopment


I hope that people will vote indicating they are for the event center.

Mike Frye


Gardner shares positions on issues


As we approach the final days of this election cycle, I want to reaffirm my positions on several vitally important issues as our county goes forward over the next several years. I also want to clarify how different my perspective on how to govern is from my opponent, Charles Holt. His distortions, misunderstandings, and straight out untruths cannot stand unchallenged.

RDA2: My opponent previously agreed with me on dissolving RDA2, but has changed his mind and now supports RDA2. He has “bought in” to the bad math and nonsensical arguments being made by the casino corridor lobby. When he asserts “Taxes will go up,” he’s got it backward. If we KEEP RDA2 we will need to find “new sources of revenue” to accomplish what truly needs to be accomplished, i.e. a revamped Judicial and Law Enforcement Center building, construction of Muller Parkway, fixing roads, addressing water quality). The $113M of taxpayer dollars ($3+M annually) held captive for 30 years by RDA2 would go a long way toward financing the county’s actual priorities, so that taxes would NOT be raised.

Development: More than 7,000 new homes are already approved and ready for development, none of which can be classified as affordable or workforce housing. The county has no new schools planned, nor does its budgeting anticipate adding any new fire protection infrastructure. In addition, when development of this magnitude is on the horizon we face over-appropriation and diminishment of our most precious natural resource: Water.

My opponent says we will stagnate without “Smart” growth. I ask you, what is smart about adding 7,000 new homes without taking into account the many additional costs to us taxpayers? It only takes looking at how badly the county has failed to keep up with maintaining its infrastructure under the pace of development for the last two decades to see the hole the county digs for itself by embracing unbridled “development” as a source of revenue. The reality is “Growth doesn’t pay for itself.” We need to slow down and bring true prosperity while we “stay rural.”

Taxes: When I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, I was promising you, my fellow citizens, that as a county commissioner I will not vote to enact any new taxes upon you without your direct vote to do so at the ballot box. Raising taxes is a serious matter. Governments should be spending your tax dollars carefully. Requiring a vote by the people reenforces those ideas. In May, during a debate, my opponent stated the Pledge was a fine idea. Now, he sings a different tune. He favors giving the Board of Commissioners free rein to raise taxes for whatever reason they invent. I believe in being accountable to the people, and I proudly stand by the pledge.

While we elect county commissioners in a partisan manner, the issues we face are universal regardless of party affiliation. I, Mark Gardner, ask for your vote so I can serve and represent you.

Mark Gardner

Topaz Ranch Estates

Holt fighting the two-party system


As the chairman of the Douglas County Libertarian Party, I have to stay up on the news. I have to filter the left/right bias and determine what it is really important to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am a typical citizen. I care for my fellow human. I oppose injustice on any level. I value an economy that provides goods at a reasonable price and wages that allow me to purchase them. I have found, by just living in the Untied States for 65 years, that government does a very poor job of assuring these things. They propose programs that solidify their political power. They establish (at great cost) agencies, regulations, and laws that favor one group over the other. Politicians now create systems of cronyism and pay-to-play schemes that hamstring taxpayers. The price to have a voice in the county, in Carson City or in Washington is to have a huge lobby organization behind you. You can’t even mount a good run for office without a cabal behind you, perhaps one that touts “good governance.”

This is the system that Charlie Holt confronts in his campaign. He is not influence by big money cabals or lobbies. He is not beholden to anyone except the individual voter in Douglas County. He is honest on the issues and his only promise is to listen too the citizens before he decides on an issue. He stands for liberty and the least intrusive government possible. He’s a straight shooter with an ear to his constituents, a finger on the pulse of freedom and a heart for our fair county. It was a pleasure for the DCLP to endorse Charlie. It is also my personal pleasure to be casting my vote for him.

Dave Jones


Gardner will keep his promises


There is a storm rising in Douglas County bearing down on the race for Douglas County Commissioner District 3.

On May 12, a public forum was held for those aspiring to the office of Douglas County Commissioner. There were seven participants, including Libertarian Charles Holt, who is running against Mark Gardner in the general election.

At the forum Holt was asked the same questions as those addressed to the other six. The first question was, “Have you signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that you will support no new taxes without a vote of the people? Would you sign it if you think it is important and if not, why not? Holt haltingly replied, “No. I haven’t … signed the agreement… I intend to … and I will … for all the reasons Mark Gardner just gave.”

Most of what Holt said about where he stood on the big issues has now been reversed by him, starting with the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Next came his stance on the hottest issue in Douglas County: Question 1 on the November ballot. During the period from the Forum until a few days ago, Holt stood in favor of a “No” vote on Redevelopment Area #2; now, he has “about-faced” to a “Yes” vote.

Another question was, “Are you in favor of the voter-approved Sustainable Growth Initiative?” He replied, “It’s my perspective that if the voters voted for something twice, who am I … who am I to challenge that. I would have to be an arrogant son-of-a-gun …”.

His social media backed up that affirmative viewpoint indicating over-development robbed the county of its vistas and threatened vital resources. Yet today his answer in his social media is a polar shift. He now supports a vague, undefined “smart growth,” that he, himself, describes as “density plus affordable housing.”

A compelling event that lent a clue to this complete turnabout was the sudden appearance of large signs proclaiming Holt’s candidacy on agricultural acreage. Holt’s Contributions and Expenses Report (C&E) to the Secretary of State in the first two quarters shows no contributions and only $353.91 in expenses. So what “hidden” entities donated enough to cover those expensive signs?

A partial answer came in his latest C&E: a sizable donation from Park Ranch Holdings, LLC, a pro-development entity (yes, the same company that is building 2,500 houses on prime agricultural land). But there’s still no accountability for enough funds to pay for extensive political ads, social media blasts, and constant e-mails.

And who’s behind the “anonymous” PAC that paid for the pricey full pager in the R-C’s election edition?

Mark Gardner won the primary by a margin of 60-40 and fully supports the Douglas County Republican Platform. He signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, he is against the continuation of Redevelopment Area 2, and he stands firmly against over-development.

In summary, vote for Gardner. He will honor, “Promises Made, Promises Kept.”

Walt Nowosad


Hope for Carson Valley


Over 40 years ago, along with our partners, we bought beautiful Sorensen’s Resort in Hope Valley. The stunning, natural beauty of the area had initially attracted us, as it has done with so many. Though, we realized how precarious the future of the Hope Valley region was with both the Dangberg and Dressler Ranches in Hope, Faith and Charity Valleys for sale. The landscape is considered some of the most beautiful in California and close to Nevada where it can be enjoyed by so many.

Before making our move from Santa Cruz, we were aware that the Disney Corp., had been looking in the area just a few years earlier, and was still actively looking for a mountain style park location. So, there was justifiable concern that these ranches, and all 25,000 acres of Hope Valley were vulnerable. Imagine several ski areas and a handful of additional resorts in and around this region. There could have been tens of thousands of visitors daily and tens of thousands of houses and condominiums spread across what was a pristine 25,000 acres of meadows, sage, aspen and pine.

We reached out to our Alpine County community, and to land conservation organizations to see about conserving much of the 25,000 acres privately owned in the region. Initially, Friends of Hope Valley was formed and dedicated to protect and preserve this lovely landscape. This non-profit organization initially had great success… the biggest was stopping a massive power line that would run from Hwy. 395 to Highway 50, through the valley and up Carson Pass to eventually provide power to Kirkwood and the Sacramento Valley.

Key assistance in the effort was made by the Trust for Public Land. Staff had visited the area and determined it was worth saving. The whole of our communitysupported this effort to acquire all 25,000 acres of land, which was then conveyed it to the U.S. Forest Service and California Fish and Wildlife. It took years, though by any measure, it was a resounding success.

Douglas County, where we live in the winter months, with hiking trails, parks, the Carson River and abundant open space is also quite lovely and is now at a tipping point. We see 19-acre “ranchettes” and subdivisions eating up the landscape at a furious pace. Carson City and Dayton buyers have already acquired and stripped 5,000 acre-feet of precious water out of our county, and the technology boom in Northern Nevada will increase that.

We whole heartedly support Question # 3, a ½ cent sales tax, to forever protect our open spaces, and tie the water to the ranches. Without it our gorgeous, green valley will inevitably disappear. Asphalt and rooftops are the last crop. Please join us in voting “yes” on Question # 3.

John and Patty Brissenden

Hope Valley and Minden

Don’t raise tax for open space


I’m all for open space. I’m not for raising sales tax to support it. Find another revenue source! We will all suffer whenever we purchase anything that isn’t food. It will never go away. Taxes are an easy source cause everyone pays and they never go away.

From what I understand, this money generated will go into a bank to use when the time comes. We can use our money now. I know there will have to be a paid employee to oversee it also. So all your tax money won’t go directly to purchase land when available. Then every year that person is going to want a raise and benefits. Think about what you are voting for when you vote for this question the way it is presented.

Where do we get revenue from? Growth! Who profits from it? Developers. When property is purchased and used to build homes, developers profit. The town then accepts the responsibility to provide water, law enforcement, fire protection, street sweeper services, garbage and sewer, schools, buses, etc. So then we have to hire more employees to perform these services and that will come from your tax dollars. Your property taxes go up to support a lot of this or your individual service bill. The developer builds and walks away with profit. I believe that the developer should have this cost of open space built in cost of his/her project because they are covering more open space. They will then in turn build that cost into the buyers price. These are basically one time costs that they will recover.

In opposition, a sales tax will go on forever. The argument is that we have low sales tax. Is it wrong to have low sales tax? I think it shows good budgeting by our county. Again, I am all for open space. Let a rancher donate land, Let a developer pay in fees for it since he will be covering more of our open space areas. Let donations and fundraisers help. These purchases are off into the future and the tax will be now and forever whether there is land to purchase for open space or not.

Don’t punish all the people with a tax that will impact their every purchase. Depending on your needs they say it will be about $35 per year.

That is not so. What if you need a car repair? What if your children need shoes? What if the washer goes out? Heaven forbid if you need a newer car? You need to hire a plumber or electrician. These sales tax dollars can add up quickly. I believe we get nickled and dimed often enough annually by services raising for their so-called cost of living.

Since the pandemic we have all noticed food and all other items have raised in price, Therefore our sales tax payment is larger also. We don’t need another tax. Yes, for open space, but lets find another revenue source.

Beverly Giannopulos


Supporting Judge Young


We have lived in the Lake Tahoe and Carson Valley area for over 40 years. I retired from the Douglas County Sheriffs Office after 26 years of service. We have known Tod for over 20 years, privately and professionally.

Tod has a passion for the rights of victims, as well as his ability to keep an open mind while judiciously weighing all the facts, from a disciplined and objective point of view.

Based on Tod’s resume, character and flawless integrity, I firmly believe he is the most enlightened choice and remains a perfect fit for District Court Judge.

Greg and Jeri Shields


Voting for Judge Young


I would like to commend the Honorable Judge Tod Young for his non-partisan judgments in our Douglas County Courts. He has proven to be a valuable asset to our community.

Judge Tod Young has been working as a District Court Judge for eight (8) years. And within those eight (8) years, he has been presiding over a variety of family law cases. And for the last thirty (30) years, he has represented parents and children in child support and dependency cases plus delinquency cases.

After conducting my own investigation on Judge Young’s opponent, Caren Cafferata-Jenkins, her public records show that she has not had a single case in the Douglas County District Court in the last eight (8) years, and that she has had only twelve (12) in her whole career. The Honorable Judge Tod Young presides over that many of cases in a single morning.

I have also found out that Ms. Cafferata-Jenkins resigned as the Nevada Commission on Ethics Director after there were allegations of using her office to advance her campaign for Judge in 2014, where she lost to Judge Weller, 2nd Judicial District Court, Washoe County.

Also, I don’t understand why Ms. Cafferata-Jenkins is advertising that both of our District Judges don’t have the expertise needed to be in their respective positions. She is only campaigning against one (1) Judge. I believe that when Judge Young is re-elected as District Court Judge for Douglas County, she will attempt to run against our other Judge when that opportunity arises.

Judge Tod Young is a proven community leader. He is honest, fair, and works within the law. He deserves to be Re-Elected.

Allen Jewell


Backing John Bellona


As a long-time citizen of Douglas County, I am submitting my endorsement for John Bellona to serve on the East Fork Fire Protection District Board of Commissioners. I have known John for many years and know him to be a dedicated and lifelong public servant. With a career that spanned various Nevada fire agencies (including the East Fork Fire Protection District), John has a broad range of experience within the fire service that includes formal education as well as wildland and structural firefighting as both a fire fighter and as a command officer.

John’s experience as a paid and as a volunteer fire fighter provides a unique perspective on the needs of the East Fork Fire Protection District and the citizens of Douglas County. In my direct dealings with John I can count on him to be an honest and fair professional that can be depended upon to get the job done. On Nov. 3 vote John Bellona for East Fork Fire Protection Board of Commissioners.

Jim Antti


Bellona best for East Fork director


I highly recommend John Bellona for East Fork Fire Board of Directors District 1 for numerous reasons. I have known Bellona personally and professionally for almost 30 years. He is someone I enjoyed working alongside professionally and he is an upstanding member of our community.

Professionally, Bellona has always been a dedicated team player. He leads with integrity and honor. I have seen Bellona in very stressful situations where he leads with respect and by example. He is the type of leader that doesn’t just demand quality work, but works alongside his partners and leads by example. I have worked alongside Bellona as a volunteer and as a full time employee. Bellona stayed in the fire service and I went into law enforcement. Our paths have continued to cross professionally and as Bellona continued to move up the ranks, he never lost his love for his fire department, the community, and his relationships with fire and law enforcement. He has maintained humility and integrity throughout his career and rank.

Another example of his professional service is Bellona has served as a union representative representing the East Fork Fire Protection District . His resume of dedication explains how qualified Bellona is to be a member of the East Fork Fire District Board of Directors. To name a few of Bellona’s accomplishments; he served as Vice President of Professionals Firefighters of Nevada, led the northern section of our state as Professional Firefighters Association Northern District Vice-President, and the statewide Safety and Training Chief for Nevada Division of Forestry. These are only a few of the leadership roles that make Bellona an excellent choice for East Fork Fire District Board of Directors District 1.

Personally, I recommend Bellona for this position for the following reasons. Bellona’s personality is caring, loyal, and a man of integrity. He maintains the virtues and qualities that he believes in. If I ever needed anything from advice or friendly support, he would drop everything for a friend. He is a loyal friend and would give his shirt off of his back for anyone. Bellona is a man of conviction, but is always willing to listen to all sides in order to make a decision in the best interest for everyone. Living and raising my family in Douglas County has been a privilege and it is guys like Bellona that make Douglas county great. I support Bellona for the East Fork Fire District Board of Directors District 1.

Rick Koontz Sr


Taylor seeks your vote


Now more than ever, there has been pressure to get out and vote. However, there has been little to help you make an informed decision. Although we see signs all over telling you who or what to vote for, what is this accomplishing? Are you voting for people you genuinely believe would be useful in that position, or are you following the status quo and your neighbor’s signs?

In an attempt to help you make an informed decision, Jerry “Brandon” Taylor, running to retain his TRE GID Trustee Position, wants you to know more about him and his vision for the community.

Despite only being in TRE since 2018, Taylor and his family jumped in right away. He has a passion for building a welcoming community and bringing success to the area. In the last two years, it has been his pleasure to host community events such as Thanksgiving dinners, Easter egg hunts, and drive-in movies- alongside his family and volunteers.

Taylor has a diverse background in construction, project management, and facility supervision. He has supervised projects with 200 employees and worked by himself. He was lucky to be involved in numerous projects such as highway and road projects, bridges, high-rises, parking garages, prisons, shopping centers, food-grade acid plants, and has built multiple homes. He was blessed to learn Heavy Construction to Plumbing, Electrical, Concrete, and Carpentry.

When a seat opened up for the TRE GID Board in April of 2019, Taylor jumped at the opportunity to be a voice for the community and enact change. During his time on the board, he has been able to bring more awareness to the TRE community and increased attendance at meetings from three people to fifty. He wants his position to be a voice for the community that hears their issues and works to solve them.

The big issue for TRE is that the area is down to 1 well. Should it fail, there will be no water. Taylor will fight for another well and proper water use to ensure that the TRE community is supported. He also understands the need for updated roads and will work to allocate money to go towards the project.

Please feel free to contact Brandon at BrandonTREGID@gmail.com and join the Facebook group, “Brandon’s” Taylor Family Tre Information. Information about the community is posted daily.

When you vote for Taylor, you vote for a family that believes in TRE and will do everything possible to support its growth and success. Please try looking to the bottom of the list this year and vote for “Brandon”.

Brandon Taylor and Amber Pankey

Topaz Ranch Estates

Master plan process hijacked


Our Master Plan is the guiding document for the county’s future. It should reflect the will of the people of Douglas County. Unfortunately, the current update has been hijacked by certain County Commissioners and the Department of Community Development to try to introduce pre-development statements that are inconsistent with the public’s oft-repeated desire to “keep our rural character.”

Commissioners Penzel and Walsh have both had four years to complete the 2016 update to the Master Plan, yet they have not done so. Now that they are leaving office at the end of this year, they want to rush through an update in the midst of the COVID pandemic and an important election, and they want to do so with as little public input as possible.

Last month the county allowed a political event with about 30,000 people, with no social distancing and very few masks. Whether you think that was a great idea, or an unnecessary risk to public health and safety, is not the point here. What is important is that there is no longer any excuse for not having in-person public meetings, so that the public will have more opportunity to comment on local issues, especially the Master Plan update. These meeting could easily be held at the Community Center, where there is even the option for people who would prefer to sit outside.

The real question is this: what’s the rush? This update is already four years late. The 25-year update is due next year. Why try to ram this through during a pandemic and an election? The only reasonable answer is because Penzel, Walsh and Rice, along with Community Development, want to add pro-development language that is not in keeping with public sentiment.

Our Master Plan’s first goal for Growth Management has always read: “To keep growth in Douglas County to a sustainable level that natural and fiscal resources can support.” That’s something that nearly everyone can support. The county, however, is now suggesting to add the phrase “and that our businesses need to flourish.” That is an obvious giveaway to pro-growth interests who want few restraints on development.

The county also proposes to add a goal to “increase housing opportunities” for affordable housing, another giveaway to developers. In the recent MP update survey, only 42.3% of respondents agreed with that goal. Clearly residents want less growth, not more.

Likewise, the first goal for Land Use reads: “To maintain the land use plan that manages growth at a sustainable rate to maintain the treasured qualities of the county.” Those qualities, of course, would include preserving our open space and rural character. The county, however, wants to eliminate that goal, and add a phrase to the new Goal 1 about achieving “balance between preservation and development.” That is another giveaway to developers, and not what the majority of residents want.

What can residents do about this travesty? Contact County Commissioners, the County Manager and Community Development, and tell them not to rush the process with so little public input. Demand MP Update meetings in every community. Vote YES on county Question 3 to help preserve open space. Vote for slow-growth candidate Mark Gardner for County Commissioner. Stand up for what’s right.

Jim Slade


Thanks Friends of Trump


A big shout out to “Friends of Trump” for the informative full page of facts made available to the people who have not been told what our U.S. president has actually accomplished for their country and lives (Record Courier, Oct. 10, page 7).

I understand people don’t have to like the gruff fireman dragging them out of a burning building but that is exactly what this unlikely president has done and that is what counts. Given his position for such a time as this how much more could a man possibly do to earn the respect and trust of his countrymen to continue on their behalf.

Joy Uhart


Election coming at warp speed


Even with the country hurdling ‘at warp speed’ toward the most important election in our lifetime and over twenty million Americans already having cast their vote, there still is time to scrutinize the character and competence of the man who dreams of becoming the nation’s first ‘President for Life’ (think, Russia’s Vladimir Putin and China’s Xi Jinping). Leaving aside for now his continuing and appalling affronts to our country’s most cherished allies and friends, let’s take a peek at a few of his more egregious, ‘everyday’ utterances.

First, going back to January of 2020: “I went from VERY successful businessman, to top T.V. Star . . . to President of the United States (on my first try). I think that would qualify as not smart, but genius … and a very stable genius at that!” (6 AM Tweet, Jan. 6, 2020).

Then there are these gems from his visit (maskless) to the Centers for Disease Control this past March: “Anyone who needs a test (for Covid-19) can have one!” (Really . . . in March?). “We’ve had 11 deaths, and they’ve been largely old people who are . . . who ‘were’, susceptible to what’s happening.” Followed immediately by; “I like this stuff (‘medical stuff’?). I really get it. People are surprised that I understand it. Every one of these doctors said, ‘How do you know so much about this?’ Maybe I have a natural ability. Maybe I should have done that instead of running for President.”

Then, on Fox News after a short, regal hospital stay to treat his own Covid-19: infection, “I’m back because I’m a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young (? & ?). And so I’m lucky in that way.” Followed by: “They want to hug me and they want to kiss me (ugh!). And they do (a couple more, ‘ughs’, please). And frankly, I’m not telling them to back up. I’m not doing it. but I did say it’s like . . . it’s obviously dangerous. It’s a dangerous thing I guess if you go by the Covid thing.”

Oct. 14, 2020, at a rally in Iowa, one of the states where the infection rate is at an all time high, the President urged his faithful to: “Open your states . . . the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself!” And earlier, on the same day in Philadelphia, “Suburban women . . . will you please like me? I saved your damn neighborhod, OK? The other thing, I don’t have that much time to be that nice!” Can’t get much more ‘Presidential’ than that!

This is, of course just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ . . . but my computer is showing signs of rebelling . . . so let’s end with a prediction made 100 years ago by the well-known journalist and author, Henry Louis Mencken in the Baltimore Sun, July 26, 1920: “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

John O’Neill


Democrats want to change rules


I would like to introduce you to my friends Bill and Mark.

I got a call from Bill telling me that his favorite baseball team lost in extra innings by the score of 3-2, even though his team outhit the opposing one 8-5.

Then, I unexpectedly heard from Mark, whose treasured football team lost by the score of 21-12. What upset him was that his team had five more first downs than the winning team. His team just ran out of gas in the red zone.

Both friends were telling me that it was unfair that their teams lost, and the rules should be changed to accommodate more hits and first downs. They sounded like they were either sore losers or lost their minds.

Yet, this is exactly what the Democrat Party wants to do if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are elected.

They want to change the rules so they can win every game (election). First, they will end the filibuster, which would allow them to pass any legislation with a simple majority vote. Then, they would be able to pack the Supreme Court with liberal activist judges and transform it into a Democrat-majority legislative branch, nullifying judicial independence, and undermining the balance of power among the three branches of government. Therefore, the end of America as we know it.

Will they stop there? No. They will grant citizenship to an estimated 20-25 million illegal aliens, providing them with free healthcare and free college tuition, assuring a perpetual Democrat majority.

They would eliminate the electoral college in favor of the popular vote for deciding the outcome of presidential elections. This would give states with the largest metropolitan populations (blue states) the final word for the entire country, essentially eliminating the voice of rural America. And, to top it off, they would push to make DC and Puerto Rico states to increase their seats in the Senate.

If you cannot win by the rules, just change them so you never lose again. This is the means the Democrat progressives will use to drive their radical agenda and create a one-party system, thus destroying the free constitutional republic we have known and loved for decades.

The Republican Party certainly has its flaws, but it is the only option standing between a free America and a totalitarian state – vote Republican in the upcoming election.

Bob Russo

Gardnerville Ranchos

Not all doctors have same skills


I’d like to share something that happened to me. Have you ever been on an airplane and an announcement over the intercom asks “Is there a Doctor on the Plane?” Only in the movies? No, it happened to me. I was on a Red Eye flight from New York to Paris. We’d just settled down with a glass of wine and Tylenol PM. My husband said you’d better let them know you can help so we pressed the button. The stewardess came back to talk to us and said they found a Doctor in First Class. Yeah, I can go to sleep! In about another 10 minutes she rushed back to get me. When I got to the galley it was dark and I thought I was in a Monty Python movie. There were 5 Stewards standing in a half circle with gloves on and there hands in the air. On the floor was a mess of what I thought was blood, a man passed out and the Doctor giving him oxygen. Turned out it was vomit mixed with red wine. I got on the floor to help. The Doc didn’t have the mans airway open when he was giving him oxygen so I corrected this immediately and the man could breathe again. Good thing they got me because in a few more minutes they would have been doing CPR. All 5 Stewards were still standing around us doing nothing. I asked them to clean up the vomit, get some blankets for us and bring the emergency kit. It’s really cold sitting on plane floors. I was impressed with the emergency kit and glad there was a Defibrillator in case we needed it. And all this time the Doctor was just sitting on the floor pretty much doing nothing. After 4 1/2 hours the man was stable, we got him sitting up and some warm tea in him. We were past turning back to New York so if needed the pilots would make an emergency landing in Scotland. We didn’t have to do that. Now for my reason sharing this. The Doctor I found out was a Radiologist just like Dr. Scott Atlas who has Trumps total attention concerning Covid. This Doctor has been touting Herd Immunity and Trump is on that band wagon. How many more hundreds of thousands of our friends and family are going to die because real Scientists and Doctors like Anthony Fauci aren’t being listened to? I also had a Radiology License which did nothing for the situation but I’m also a Certified Maxillofacial-Plastic Surgery Assistant, so I knew more than the French Radiologist who didn’t even know how to open a victims airway. So who’s hands are you putting your families lives in? The hands of a Radiologist and a President who doesn’t believe in Science

Leslie Hokenson


Wonderful way to start day


I’m one who appreciates good coffee and good people. Recently, while ordering coffee at DST, I was approached by a friendly couple who offered to “buy me a drink.” It took me back, as I had never been on the receiving end of the pay it forward act. Coffee is kind of a big deal in my morning routine, so I felt as though I was given a huge gift! Not only were my caffeine cravings satisfied, but the generous act set the day off on a positive note. Let’s just say, it created a ripple effect.

If we all take a moment out of our day to help others, whether they are in need or not, it will eventually become a part of our routine. Create a positive ripple effect in your world, and watch it spread to others. Lord knows we need it.

I want to take a moment to thank that couple for being so kind, and DST for making an amazing cup of coffee.

L. Begovich