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Oct. 15 Letters to the Editor

Leaves were turning in Gardnerville.
Tim Berube/Special to The R-C

Agree with Holt’s beliefs


I was excited to read the article about the race between Holt and Gardner that appeared in the Oct. 8 R-C. Now, not only am I disappointed, but I’m rather angry. Between your article and inflamatory letters to the editor, you’ve managed to paint Holt as a political chameleon. Here is information he gave me in an interview that would be of value to voters in this election.

According the Holt, Douglas County has one of the highest incomes and lowest tax rates in the state. Yet people are very concerned about taxes and growth. The RDA2 is a prime example of these concerns.

Hold said that “RDA2 is an area in Stateline designated to be declining in value and economic status. It’s starting to age and there’s no reinvestment in it. People in Stateline wanted to build a convention center to bring in year-round concerts and other events not being handled by the casinos.

“People in the group who support Mark (Gardner) tell the voters ‘our tax dollars are going to Tahoe.’ The reality is, because of the tourist taxes, Tahoe will always provide the county with more taxes per resident that the valley will. He stated that the visitors and convention bureau in SLT is holding the bond for this project, not the taxpayers of Douglas County. The taxpayers are not paying for this.

“They’re acting like Tahoe is stealing money from us. No, that’s not accurate; we’re just not getting the increase in tourist taxes or the increases in property values from Tahoe. We’re capping the taxes we take from there so that increased revenues are reinvested in the RDA2 area. Douglas County taxpayers owe nothing if yearly tourist taxes pay for the bond. We’re taking tourist dollars to pay for a convention center to attract more tourists.”

Holt described a new, gated community right on the lake in the RDA2 area, each one going for $1 million plus. “That alone will give Douglas County about $30 million a year in property taxes.”

Your article did mention that Holt researched the RDA2 issue by speaking to several different people involved with it. The above information would show what he learned about a project he formerly opposed and why he changed his mind.

I had a conversation with Mr. Henderson a couple of years ago where he spewed his hatred of the Park family and their attempts to use property they’d inherited. He used his position to stop whatever they planned to do. After seeing the development plan you printed in the R-C, though, my own skepticism toward their intentions was calmed and I was excited by their plans. I thank you for giving readers that information. Henderson’s actions toward the Parks have been destructive toward a family that has the right to do with their property what they wish.

Holt’s Libertarian philosophies would support their right to do so. I dare say that a lot of voters in Douglas County would agree with his beliefs.

Sue Cauhape


Vote no on County Question 1


My family and I recently transplanted to Gardnerville in Douglas County from the California side of Lake Tahoe. Between the three of us, we lived at the lake for 116 years and my teenage son was born there. We love our new home. We’ve already paid an installment of Douglas County property taxes and voted in the general election.

Something that stood out to me on the ballot was County Question No. 1. The referendum that seeks to rescind ordinance 2016-1456, the Area No. 2 redevelopment of the Stateline area of Lake Tahoe that was approved by the Douglas County Commissioners. Rescinding the redevelopment is incredibly shortsighted and seeks to remove the manner in which our republic functions. We elect officials to make decisions for us and they did.

There’s a good deal of misinformation and manipulation of information regarding this topic. To my knowledge: No tax dollars for law enforcement, fire, schools, parks or roads is diverted from the overall county. Douglas County benefits from the jobs available at Stateline to both lake and valley residents. Valley businesses and professional services benefit from the spend derived through lakeside employment. Douglas County residents will not be taxed to improve the event center or pay for the event center.

Like our great country, Douglas County is an amalgamation of pastureland, housing developments, main streets and tourist regions at Lake Tahoe. The diversity makes us a stronger, better county, able to benefit from collaboration and compromise. Please vote no on County Question No. 1.

Mike Frye


Would appreciate your vote


My name is Terry Faff, and I am running for re-election as a member of the East Fork Fire District Board of Directors I am hoping to receive your support, your vote, and to be re-elected to the board.

I would like to start by thanking those who have shown their gratitude to our firefighters, both career and volunteer, for their untiring efforts during this horrendous fire season and COVID-19 pandemic. Our firefighters who risk their lives fighting fires are also the ones who arrive when you need an ambulance, especially our career firefighter/paramedics, who continue to be on the frontlines of our COVID-19 response. They do great work every day and I am proud to be a part of such a great and well managed organization.

As the incumbent director representing District 1 of the East Fork Fire Board, I am very proud of all our firefighters and I have done my best to see that they are well compensated and equipped. Our firefighters on average earn $80,000 annually in regular and overtime pay, combined with a very competitive benefit package; 78% of the district’s total budget goes towards this. Prudent budget oversight and fiscal responsibility is a critical part of our job. My first priority is managing your current tax and fee revenue, while balancing the needs of the community and the district. My opponent, a former firefighter union president, has an obvious bias favoring union demands on compensation and benefits which could be devastating. Under severe funding limitations, the district continues to provide competitive compensation and benefits to our firefighters. I am proud to be a member of a board, which was instrumental in the elimination of RDA 1, returning valuable tax dollars to the district and other entities.

I am a good fit for the district board. Like most of you, I worked in the private sector for over 40 years, allowing me to bring a varied and unique perspective to the board. I also understand the needs and expectations of our community, having been involved in many community causes over my 23 years in Douglas County. I have been a part of the fire district board for over a year and have participated in major board decisions including increasing staffing, equipment purchases (ambulances, fire engines and new radios), and emergency PPE supplies for staff and volunteers. Speaking of volunteers, our board has seen our volunteer program recover and grow to a valuable district asset for logistical and wild land fire suppression. Our board also approved funding paramedic tuition costs to help increase the number of paramedics. These are the actions that a diverse board can take, even in the toughest of times. Just imagine what we can do when things get better. I would sincerely appreciate your vote and opportunity to continue to represent you as a member of the East Fork Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

Thank You for your support.

Terry Faff

Gardnerville Ranchos

Why I am voting yes for Douglas County Question 3


I have voted yes for Question 3, the open space initiative, because it is the right thing to do. The farmers and ranchers of our valleys have been providing open space for our community for 170-plus years. The agricultural community deserves credit for being stewards of the land, which, in large part, has preserved that open space and rural character. It is about time we step up and pay for them to keep their ranches and farms without having to develop them to pay the taxes and be able to stay in business. We need to support our local agricultural community by giving them another option that doesn’t involve developing their property.

Use of the funds generated by Question 3 will be used to purchase and retire development rights and keep the land in open space in perpetuity. The money raised will provide a financial incentive to our agricultural community to maintain open space while continuing to make a living off their land and give them an option other than development.

Our quality of life is partially tied to the agricultural lifestyle in our valley. A yes vote will be one more tool we can use to keep this county open, green, and productive. Please join me in supporting this important initiative. Please vote yes on County Question 3 on your ballot.

In Bridgeport Valley, the agricultural community was able to tap into the Eastern Sierra Land Trust and get a number of ranches preserved forever as pasture land for agriculture. Just like Carson Valley was able to tap into some “no longer available” funding to preserve a few ranches. This protects streams and riparian vegetation that would otherwise be lost to development. See https://www.eslt.org/preserved-lands/bridgeport-valley/

I hope the citizens of Douglas County will step up and help keep our valley green. It is, after all, our county.

Gail Durham


Vote no on county ballot question 1


A 3-2 vote by the Board of County Commissioners in April rammed through the so-called “redevelopment” project (RDA2), which will appear on the ballot as County Question 1 in November. So much of our attention has been singularly focused on the Events Center at Lake Tahoe as if that is all it is. However, there is much more to it.

The Douglas County BOCC, ahead of the upcoming election, pledged $34.25 million of our RDA2 property tax dollars for the construction of the Events Center. This last-ditch maneuver by casinos carved out 30% of the original $113 million before voters could decide on this issue. The COVID pandemic places a huge question mark on the feasibility and usability of an Events Center. Even when this pandemic subsides, will customers be willing to place themselves in large-crowded venues?

Sadly, the RDA2 proponents are quite vague on how these remaining funds ($79 million) will be spent. There is mention of “beautification projects” along the casino corridor such as $7 million to spruce up a road leading to the newly constructed million-dollar Beach Club Condos and bike lanes, some which are not in the RDA2 casino corridor and costing millions of dollars per mile. And a re-do of the Highway 50 streetscape.

Now what is certain to materialize from this project is the diversion of much-needed tax dollars from county projects desperately needed at this time such as the Judicial Law Enforcement Center, Muller Parkway, infrastructure and road maintenance, Fire Services, the Douglas County School District, etc.

The multi-billion-dollar gaming industry could easily pay for the Events Center with the current tourist surcharge of $5 per night for rental lodging in the Tahoe Township of Douglas County. The surcharge is estimated to raise approximately $137 million over a 30-year period, which is more than enough to cover the cost of the Events Center.

Lastly, proponents want all RDA2 property tax dollars generated at the Lake to stay at the Lake. Property tax dollars are tax dollars that should be used for the benefit of Douglas County, not just the Lake casinos and neighboring California businesses.

Time to put RDA2 through the shredder for good! Vote no on county ballot question 1.

Bob Russo and Dave Maxwell


Was there a meeting?


While the people of Douglas County have made countless sacrifices in the last six months to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate the spread of the infection, our Douglas County commissioners made a mockery of that effort by allowing a political rally of more than 25,000 (mostly out-of-towners) to occur right here in our community.

With their assurance to the Trump campaign that there would be no enforcement of masks or social distancing they disrespected the ongoing sacrifices we and our children are making every day. We have worn masks, isolated and socially distanced, compromised our children’s education, missed births, graduations, weddings, funerals, and canceled community events.

Businesses pay a fine when they break the rules but when our commissioners do it, we bear the cost. By breaking their word (our county’s contract) to adhere to and enforce state directives regarding COVID-19 , these same (fiscally conservative ) commissioners risked the $8.9 million in CARES act funding for Douglas County. Looks like they got lucky this time (the governor will not rescind the funding for the county), but what happens next time when it becomes politically expedient to put our fiscal and/or physical well-being at risk?

How was the decision to allow the Trump rally reached? Were there dissenting opinions offered or public comments heard? Was this decision reached in violation of our open meeting laws? I echo Barbara Flanagan’s question in her letter of Sept. 24, “Was there a meeting?”

We are unique here. This is a small community. Each and every one of our voices and votes really do make a difference.

So make your voice heard! You can leave your comments and questions at the Douglas County website or call the commissioners directly. They post their phone numbers at the county website. Here they are:

1. Dave Nelson: 775-690-2979

2. John Engels: 775-546-3171

3. Larry Walsh: 775-450-9414

4. Wesley Rice: 775-546-3170

5. Barry Penzel: 775-781-6075.

Jill Hetherton


Qualified and inspired candidate


Mark Amodei has been Nevada’s representative since 2011. He is running for office again. Recently he spoke out challenging Gov. Sisolak who suggested withholding 8.9 million from Douglas County in relief funds, due to the huge crowd that gathered at the Minden airport on Sept 12 to greet President Trump.

The gathering of hundreds of people exceeded the COVID-19 health guidance from Sisolak which specified a group of only 50. Amodei slammed the governor, claiming the crowd had the right to assemble given by the Constitution.

The question is: Do the majority of Douglas County residents respect our laws and elected officials or do they favor individual action on any piece of legislation which might curb one’s freedom? Considering the present huge impact of COVID-19, should our citizens have the option of ignoring laws that of which he/she disapprove? The recent outbreak of COVID within the White House may decide that issue.

Amodei’s voting record shows he favors the wealthy 96.1% of the time versus the middle class 3.9% of the time. He has little interest in funding of education, the environment, arms control, poverty amelioration, and the rights of labor and of women. He does support big business, military spending, and a hawkish foreign policy.

Surely it is time to vote for a candidate who acknowledges the rights of women, minorities, and the working middle class who play a crucial role in our economy. Patricia Ackerman is running against Amodei with the vision of positive change in our government. She supports affordable healthcare and housing as well as protecting public lands and the Indian community. Hopefully Nevada voters will support this qualified and inspired candidate.

Sandra Paul


Repeating lies until they’re ‘true’


An Oct. 1 letter to the editor in The Record-Courier by Janet Adams (Biden is best for America) expressed socialism-Marxism in place of freedom and capitalism to be our future. She seemed to have gathered her information from the extreme left news sources, which need to be countered by the facts. Following are some of the examples.

1. Reference to 20,000 lies by the president: Disagreeing with the views of the left, drummed in by the biased media 24/7 (much like the statement by the propaganda minister of the Nazi’s, Goebbels 1933 to 1945, repeat a lie often enough to the public and soon they will be believe it to be true).

2. Causing tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths from COVID-19. 40% of the fatalities occurred when the Democratic governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and California ordered infected residents to be taken in by the nursing homes or face closure with loss of license to operate. Trump has actually taken leadership with COVID-19 task force, co-ordinated effort with private companies for supplies and speedy development drugs and vaccines. Also trying to bring back the great economy before the shutdown causes unnecessary, irreversible damage much more severe than the virus.

3. Putting children in cage’s to deter illegal immigration: Trump actually signed an order to prohibit the practice. Pictures that appeared in the news were actually taken in 2014 during Obama-Biden administration.

4. President using his office to increase his wealth: His net worth has decreased by over $1 billion while in office (source Forbes).

5. Accuses Trump of nepotism, while Biden’s son Hunter receives $3 million-plus from Ukraine, $3.5 million from former Russian Moscow mayor’s wife and in 2014 while flying to China in 2014 receiving $1.5 billion line of credit for his company while over there with no apparent business expertise.

6. He has done his best to create fear and distrust of government institutions even including post office. The Justice department, FBI and number of other law enforcement agencies were corrupted at the top level’s during Obama-Biden years, not unlike in Chicago during the Mayor Dailey years. Also the projected mailings of 80 million ballots being sent out because of virus fears causing fears of massive potential voter fraud in order to steal the election results as was done in 2018 congressional elections in around Orange County Calif., where on election night Republicans were leading in eight of the seats on election night, two days later 250,000 harvested ballots turned up flipping all seats to Democrats.

Adams asked to research Joe Biden. He has been in public office 47 years, wrong on most foreign policy stands, from memoirs by Defense Secretary Gates during Obama-Biden administration, wrong on Iran nuclear deal, giving Iran $150 billion to finance terrorist activities, getting no positive return to U.S. The costly Paris accord, $50 trillion plus with no foreseeable benefits with U.S. carrying the burden for rest of the world.

Mark Tarvainen


Time for a change in Congress


Your vote is your voice in choosing a candidate. Facts matter when you cast that vote. It’s time to retire Mark Amodei based on the facts and his voting record. According to VoteSmart’s 2020 Voter’s Self-Defense Manual, a nonpartisan organization that compiles reliable, unbiased political information, VoteSmart rates Amodei as having “No political courage.” “The Political Courage Test asks candidates one central question: Are you willing to honorably tell citizens where you stand on the issues you may face if elected by clearly answering questions of importance to voters? Representatives with ‘No Political Courage’ refused to provide citizens with their issue positions on the Political Courage Test at the time of their last election.”

Amodei’s voting record on many important issues; election security, discrimination, gun safety laws, health care, and public land sales and transfers, clearly indicate it’s time for a change:

Voted “no” on a bill that would have provided election security grants and requirements for voting systems and paper ballots.

Voted “no” on a bill that prohibits discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity in areas such as education, employment and housing.

Voted “no” on a bill that called for a background check for every firearm sale.

Voted “no’ on a bill that prohibits states from opting out of federal guidance that requires health insurance companies to cover individuals with preexisting conditions, under the Affordable Care Act.

Amodei sponsored bills to sell off our public lands for economic development (H.R. 6228 and H.R. 6229)

Decided not to vote on a bill, “Delivering for America,” that would have provided additional money to the Post Office and would have prohibited the agency from making any changes.

Voted “no” on the Heroes Act that would have responded to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals, and businesses.

Voted “no” on extending housing assistance in response to the coronavirus.

According to FiveThirtyEight, Amodei has voted with the Republican party 95.1% of the time.

We need a candidate who supports and protects election security, anti-discrimination laws, gun safety laws, our health and preexisting conditions in health care plans, and our public lands. It’s time for a change, retire Amodei.

Elizabeth Mancl


A campaign of fear and smear


I fear for our country. The Democrats are running a campaign of fear and smear and many people are buying into their lies.

For example:

■ Obama started this country on the road to the greatest economy ever. I remember all the “House for Sale” signs up during the Obama years and people moving back into their parents houses. There were 14 signs in my small development — with some on the market for over a year. Now we see help wanted signs and houses selling within a day. The stock market sky rocketed beginning the day Trump was elected

■ Trump will not move out of the White House if defeated. A better question might be, Will the Democrats try to move into the White House if they are defeated— like they tried during and after the 2016 election with their spying and investigation apparatus.

■ Trump disrespects our military. Preposterous. He gave them the biggest pay raise in years, unleashed them to fight when necessary, is giving them the best equipment possible, and bringing them home from ill conceived foreign wars.

■ Trump is racist. There are no facts to support this. He is genuinely concerned for all Americans, but has done more for African-Americans than any president since Truman or Lincoln. He has given them jobs instead of hand outs, supports school choice, and funded Black colleges,

■ Trump does not listen to science or to his advisers. Presidents have many advisers who often disagree. He listens them all, but has to make the decision alone. Biden advised Obama not to conduct the raid that killed Osama bin Laden. He was also opposed the attack on Qasem Soleimani.

■ Trump offends foreign leaders. Saudi Arabia rolled out the red carpet for him; he has brokered three peace deals between Christian, Jewish and Muslim countries. Foreign diplomats have nominated him for the Nobel Peace prize. He is the only president to step into North Korea and establish a relationship. He has brought home several hostages.

■ Trump is using the presidency to enrich himself. He does not even take a salary — rather donates it to under-funded federal programs such as our national parks while the Bidens have gotten rich from shaking down foreign governments.

■ Trump has mishandled the COVID crisis. He has taken unprecedented action to tackle it. A close look at the current Biden plan will reveal that it is identical to what Trump has already done or is doing, with exception of a national mask mandate. Trump has left that to our governor.

I could go on and on.

I hope you are smart enough to see through the smoke. Trump is blunt, but a straight talker who likes to tell it like it is. He was not my first choice in 2016, but looking back, he should have been.

Tom Bee


Let’s get right this time


For the first time in my 46 years of voting, I will consciously, and deliberately refuse to vote for any candidate listed as Republican, Libertarian or any other party remotely associated with the current chief executive, his henchmen/women or political parties that endorse him.

I vote every election, every two years, as you should as well.

The Constitution of our country is truly simple, it is all about “We the people,” it is not about “I, Donald Trump.”

I am a veteran of the Vietnam era. My family tree is branched with service from the Iraqi War, Vietnam era, Korea and World War II.

We, and every other veteran and current military service member took the same oath “to defend the Constitution of The United States Of America.” Our current chief executive took the same oath.

He isn’t doing the job, ladies and gentlemen.

Oppression, hate and limited American constitutional freedoms are not what our Constitution is about.

Our current chief executive can only demean our current military, insult our Blue Star and Gold Star Families while continuing to allow our veterans to be neglected. He has neglected all of us during the pandemic with lies and misinformation as well as allowing more than 214,000 deaths.

We have returned to an era of “wild west vigilantism,” civil rights are no longer important, and the current chief executive is the only person that is allowed freedom of speech.

I have been registered as a non-partisan voter for the last 29 years in Douglas County.

I pride myself in my political objectivity and have always voted for the best American, regardless of political affiliation.

Unfortunately, I don’t have that pride in my country anymore, all I have is oppression and hate coming at me from all directions.

We were already a “great” nation before the last election.

Let’s get right this time Douglas County, Nevada and America!

Michael C. Ivie


Too many sciences to choose from


Former Vice President Joe Biden, our nation’s senior Monday morning quarterback, has frequently stated we should be following science in addressing the COVID-19 issue. My question is what science should we be following? The science of the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, or that of any one of the many medical scientists that have made their view points public.

We have had so many changes in the seriousness, social distancing, value of masks, differences in masks, contagiousness, etc., that it would take the wisdom of Solomon to try to evaluate all of them. Also, I believe all of them probably disagree with Biden’s thought of having open travel with China.

Sanford Deyo


Take a breath and give grace


It has been a challenging year for everyone including the leadership and businesses in our community. The topic I wanted to discuss is grace, this is a topic that continues to be on my heart. I feel like I am not alone in needing and wanting this for myself and others in these crazy times.

I am far from perfect, as a woman of faith I know that I am not meant to be perfect. I know that many times in my life I have felt the need to be “right,” to prove my point and make others see things from my perspective. I recently had a good friend, Anthony Bartone, explain to me the dynamics of an argument. In an argument in order for me to be right, the other person involved has to be wrong. In so many disagreements these dynamics have more to do with pride than what is morally right. If you claim to care about this community, this nation, your neighbors maybe we can begin to show our care by listening, being compassionate and having civil discussions. When we eliminate the need to be right, we can truly listen and then open our hearts and minds to another perspective.

I am a woman of color in this community. I was in Walmart a couple of weeks ago and purchased a TV with my daughter at the back of the store. We also had some tomatoes but were told we needed to purchase them at the front of the store. We walked to the front, purchased the tomatoes and walked toward the exit. I noticed a gentleman looking at me and we made eye contact, I smiled and exited the store. I reached my car and began unloading the TV when the gentleman came up behind me. He said, “do you have a receipt for that TV?” I said I did and he asked to see it. I felt the heat start to rise to my face, as I realized he had ample time to stop me inside the store but had not. I showed him the receipt and he quickly said thank you and returned inside.

Now in our current social climate, my first thought could have been that he had not stopped me inside the store because I was a minority and he was afraid of the optics. However, later I realized he had not stopped me because he wanted to catch me stealing. I could have yelled at him, made a snide comment or reported him to a supervisor. But why? To prove I am right and he was wrong for attempting to catch me stealing. I don’t know the true intentions of this individual and at the end of the day he was just doing his job. Yelling at this man and causing a scene would not have made me morally right. I learned later that the employees are rewarded for catching thieves. He was just doing his job, trying to make a living not just bullying me or judging me based on my race.

This is just a small interaction in the course of a regular day. I believe that if we all started taking a breath and giving grace before opening our mouths and spreading hate our social climate will change. I pray that our community starts taking a breath, giving grace and opening our hearts to see things through our neighbors’ eyes.

Just some food for thought.

Mina Mafua


October is domestic violence awareness month


Domestic violence is not a glamorous topic. It isn’t an experience you share at dinner parties or sporting events. It’s often a secret the victim carries with them, close to their heart, desperate to cover up for fear of judgment and blame. October is domestic violence awareness month and it is important in our community to know where the resources are, engage in tough conversations, and come together to help those who have been affected or know someone who has been affected by it.

Domestic violence is complicated issue. It knows no socio-economic class or gender. It can take place in even what might appear to be the happiest home. The relationship between the abuser and the victim is one that will usually cause the victim to endure a steady pattern of abuse and humiliation at home, while they bravely attempt to present a solid exterior in public. Sometimes they pull it off, but usually, they do not, bound by the fear of revealing embarrassing and degrading details. Some would rather protect their children from the pain and disgrace of others, burry their head in denial, and portray a happy life — especially if they endured this treatment for years.

The most important thing to remember if you encounter someone who you think might be in a violent relationship, don’t give up on them. Meet them with compassion, honor their experience, even if you don’t agree with it. You can make a change in a person’s life and you may even save it by just being a bright light. As strange as it sounds, pressuring a victim to leave could actually make it less likely that they’ll ever get out of that situation. If a victim of domestic violence has finally summoned up the courage to open up, pressuring them to leave might frighten them back even further into secrecy. Not only that, but you are becoming yet another person trying to control them, and that’s the last thing they need. Refraining from judgment is one of the most important things you can do for someone in an abusive relationship and for anyone for that matter.

Some conditions, PTSD, depression and anxiety can follow the victim even after leaving the abusive relationship. Chose compassion over judgment and choose it every time. Choose to see them through a lens of love and melt away their shame. I believe that it is possible for all, sometimes people just need a little help getting there.

Here in Douglas County we are fortunate to have Family Support Council. FSC has been serving residents for over 30 years. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, it provides a wide variety of confidential and free support, resources, referrals, and educational services. It advocates for victims of violence as well as provide shelter for adult and child victims. Emergency family resources are always free of charge. It also assists with temporary protection orders, written statements from a court which tells the abuser to stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. It offers civil legal protection from domestic violence to victims, both women and men.

With support services and guidance you can ignite someone’s desire to be free, escape being engulfed from the fiery flames, and turn ashes into endless possibilities.

Melissa Blosser


Thank you for support on Miles for Recovery event


The month of September has come and gone. It is with much appreciation I want to thank all our participants who braved these crazy times and participated in this month’s Miles for Recovery Event. You did not let the smoke or COVID and its many consequences get in your way. You turned these challenges into motivation and moved forward knowing both your physical and mental health would be better for participating.

Many kudos to Carson Valley Medical Center for partnering with us this year. We are working together to improve the lives of our community by offering behavioral health services ensuring families can be provided quality timely services.

Thank you to Anytime Fitness for being our premier sponsor. Their generosity allowed Tahoe Youth & Family Services to provide fun swag to all participants that we all will enjoy for months to come. Kudos to C.O.D. Casino for helping us advertise our event for several weeks on their marque.

Due to the fundraising challenges we faced caused by COVID, our sponsors were extremely generous this year by going above and beyond. It is clear they understand the need in our community for affordable Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services. The following sponsors helped this event be successful: Bing Materials, Carson Valley Accounting, Coffee on Main, Ricky and Cynthia Decarlo, Intero Real Estate, Les Schwab, State Farm and Stor-All. Thank you all for your generosity, support and caring.

Kudos to Tahoe Youth & Family Services Fundraising committee whose generosity with both their time and talents was amazing. Our success in large part is due to all their hard work and passion for our mission.

Both the smoke and COVID are not unlike the difficulties many face daily who are in recovery from mental health & substance abuse challenges. Let us all remember recovery is not linear and there will always be challenges but with perseverance and support you can succeed. Remember Tahoe Youth & Family Services is only a phone call away. Reach out now and start a new chapter in your life by calling us at (775) 782-4202 or (530) 541-2445. We do not judge but instead hold out our hand to offer support and help you stay accountable to yourself.

Our second Miles for Recovery virtual event will be held during the month of March. Participants will pledge dollars per mile or per workout. Teams will be encouraged. Optimistically, our third event will be an actual run in June prior to the Carson Valley Days parade. Those participants from outside Northern Nevada will have a virtual option.

Challenge Coins will be given to those individuals who participate in all three events. These coins are unique. Information on all Miles for Recovery events can be found at http://www.100milesforrecovery.com All updates including registration times and swag will be posted on this website, so stay tune.

Karen Carey