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Obama ruining country

Cathy Mikulski


I believe that our current administration is a joke. Our current president doesn’t care about America. He is ruining what was once a prosperous and proud nation. To all of the people who voted for Obama in 2008 … good job.

This president has wasted more of the taxpayers money than any president in recent history. Numerous trips on Air Force One to where and for what? Numerous trips on helicopters for fundraising at taxpayer expense. Arguing with Arizona over illegal immigration; yes “illegal.” Suing Texas over mandatory photo identification in order to vote, crying racism and discrimination. Taking our freedoms away and turning our nation into a socialist state.

I don’t need the federal government telling me how to raise my children, or what I should feed them. I don’t need the federal government to instruct me on how to be safe. And I don’t need them telling me I have to buy health insurance whether I can afford it or not. Telling us we must buy something is just another way to tax us. And ObamaCare will increase federal spending by 1.6 trillion in the first ten years alone (Congressional Budget Office estimate). I don’t know about you but the nation cannot afford another four years of an Obama administration.