Not the FISH of old |

Not the FISH of old

Rita Hadley


I myself have shopped at all three FISH thrift stores for years. There was a time when you went into the Gardnerville store and came into a friendly, fun, clean store. Workers would mingle, talk to you and knew your name.

People socialized, shopped and just had a good time. Socializing is very important to each of us who didn’t have much money or any outlet to meet people. It is no longer a good place. It’s dark, overcrowded, overpriced, and the sense that things are wrong, something’s not right.

I feel FISH is a good organization and a blessing to our community, but when you raise the prices so that the very people you are trying to help by being thrifty can no longer buy, where does management think it’s going?

It will not go up, but down. Everyone is talking and it is not positive. The last time I went in I asked why this pair of shoes was so high, the woman at the register said to me “We have new clientele,” and I was more or less dismissed.

I no longer go there nor will I ever again. I will miss being a part of knowing my money helped while it also helped me.

Don’t come back with a rebuttal on overhead or how many more people you are helping. We know. FISH would not be able to help the poor if it were not for the poor who buy.

Thumbs down to your new crew over at the Gardnerville FISH.