Not smart expenditures |

Not smart expenditures


A U.S. Department of Energy grant provides nearly half of the approximate $303 million cost. It is anticipated that NV Energy’s share of the cost will come from future operational cost savings. NV Energy expects to save as much as $25 million annually to help cover the remaining portion and help hold down costs for customers.

Are you aware that some of the “operational cost savings” were to come from laying off most of their meter readers but because the so-called “SmartMeters” have been anything but “smart” and are being increasingly rejected by customers because they don’t work as advertised and are fraught with billing communication failures, half the meter readers had to be rehired to deal with the problems?

The latest so-called “cost savings” is the farming out of at least 60 internal Human Resources jobs to a company based in India and, to add insult to injury, the Nevada employees being laid off have to train the job takers from India.

I ask you, as my representative to Congress, why are our tax dollars being used to “stimulate” the economy of a foreign country and increase the unemployment rate of our fellow Nevadans? Is there no oversight?

Ken Cannon