Not everything’s up to the government |

Not everything’s up to the government

Approval of a new Maverik in Gardnerville will bring the total number of convenience store gas stations in Gardnerville to eight.

Meanwhile, in Minden construction is under way on a new carwash, which means the Valley will be home to at least a half dozen of those. A new drive-through coffee place next door to the Sonic will raise the number of places to get caffeinated to at least seven, not counting the half-dozen or so fast food restaurants touting their coffee.

The question asked at the Gardnerville Town Board meeting last month, was how many of these things do we need?

Gardnerville Town Board members gave what we feel is the correct answer. That’s not up to the government to decide.

The government’s role is to establish a level playing field and then let private property owners decide the best use of their lots.

There’s always an element of risk in private enterprise, but if someone has purchased land zoned for a particular purpose and decides they want to put that land to use for that purpose, then that’s up to them.

If someone had the temerity to start another newspaper in Gardnerville, we wouldn’t be happy about it, but that would be their right.

It’s not the government’s role to limit the number and kind of businesses.