Not enemies, just not paying |

Not enemies, just not paying


We who are serviced by the East Valley and West Valley Water Enterprise Funds have never declared the Sheridan Acres and Jobs Peak users as enemies as the headline for Tim Goldsmith’s Nov. 16 letter purports. We view them as victims of acts for which we are not the perpetrators.

The proposed consolidation is strictly financial. The systems are not and will not be physically connected to improve the water quality or quantity. The county’s stated goal is singular – to spread the cost for one system’s repairs to others. If you bought a new car would you want to pay more to subsidize one who knowingly bought and accepted a junker in need of major repair?

Our contention is that a minority of the county residents must not be held liable for the cost of correcting errors committed by the county board of commissioners and their staff on behalf of the entire county. The entire county elected the commissioners who hired the county manger who hired and directed the staff. When the commissioners wrongly voted to accept the known as dysfunctional water systems, they did so on behalf of the entire county – not just a few. Therefore, the entire county is responsible. Perhaps the commissioners should file a claim against their errors and omissions insurance.

This brings up a major point – be careful who you vote into office. If you elect commissioners supported by special interests you will pay for their acts supporting those special interests.

Stuart Posselt