Not another upgrade |

Not another upgrade

We’re not sure what the seven stages of upgrade acceptance are, but we know we saw a couple of them at Thursday’s Douglas County commissioners meeting.

Between body cameras for the full complement of Douglas County Sheriff’s Office uniformed officers and putting the Community Development Department on the cloud, the county is looking at spending $750,000.

There was definitely some sticker shock, and Commission Chairman Barry Penzel expressed consternation at the vendor for community development.

That didn’t stop him from voting for the upgrade, just as it has almost never stopped someone from upgrading their computer at home.

That’s because we all face that moment just before hitting the upgrade button when we know we’re crossing over into a brave new world. “At least it isn’t the whole computer,” we think. Except when it is, just like it was for the county last week.

We can’t remember the last time we faced a C: prompt, it’s got to have been 20 years or so. Yet county community development faced one every time they issued a building permit over the last 30 years. That amounts to about 100 times a month, since the county issues building permits for all sorts of things besides single family homes, including roofing, plumbing, electrical work, sheds, garages and other construction projects that require an inspection.