Not all of ‘Our Town’ |

Not all of ‘Our Town’


Our thanks to the Chamber of Commerce, Sheriff’s Office and Nevada Highway Patrol for closing off the south end of town. The theme of the parade was “Our Town.” Too bad they didn’t include all of Old Town Gardnerville. Douglas Avenue was closed for a while before the parade and then they opened it, they totally blocked Rancho Grande’s parking lot about an hour before the parade, until it was over at this end of town. The letter from the Chamber of Commerce was an insult to our intelligence, we did try offering specials and hot drinks last year and it didn’t do any better this year. It was a ghost town down here both years. There is Mission Street or Toler Avenue that can be used for staging areas, if they don’t want to use Waterloo Lane but don’t leave us out again next year. We are part of this town also.

Sandy Anderson