Not a pleasant surprise |

Not a pleasant surprise

We sympathize with the residents of Sunridge who may have just discovered that as many as 500 houses, a casino and a shopping mall could end up in their back yards over the next decade.

While the county is in the process of repealing the development agreement with Riverwood, that doesn’t erase the big black flat spot on the east side of Highway 395 that was supposed to be the home for that shopping center.

Nor does it erase the master plan and zoning change that permits a casino and two hotel towers very near there.

The subdivision map for 178 homes proposed for Valley Knolls, that received approval from the Planning Commission on Tuesday, has been looming for a dozen years.

The master plan for that area was approved at the turn of the century, and the only reason we’re talking about it now instead of a decade ago, is because of the Great Recession.

We wish we could say Highway 395 was going to get a lot wider because of these developments, but that section between Sunridge and the freeway entrance are probably as big as they’re going to be in the foreseeable future.

We believe that the concerns expressed over a lack of a secondary access to the development are legitimate, but even if held to the standard, it will just be a delaying action.

In the end, the market will determine when and how many houses end up north of Sunridge.