Northwest Martial Artists win awards |

Northwest Martial Artists win awards

Staff Reports

Members of the Northwest Martial Arts team brought home awards from a competition they recently attended in Sacramento.

Allie Atkins, 8, Annika Hillbrick, 9, Corie Nalder, 9 and Kolten Missamore, 11, competed in their first tournament. Allie received a bronze medal in sparring, forms and weapons. Annika received a bronze in forms. Corie Nalder received a bronze in forms and creative forms. Kolten received a gold medal in sparring and weapons form.

Shaylene Hillbrick also competed in her first tournament and received a silver medal in the forms division.

Eric Jenkins, 11, competed in the forms and weapon forms divisions, bringing home a bronze medal in both. Kyle Jenkins, 14, competed in forms, weapon forms and sparring, receiving two gold medals and a bronze medal.

Chelsea-Belle Woodside, 10, brought home bronze medals in sparring and forms and a silver in synchronized forms.

The big medal winner was Brynn Rothfusz, 9, who competed in four divisions and brought home two gold and two silver medals. She placed first in her divisions in forms and creative forms and second in weapon forms and synchronized forms.

Mitchell Miller and Sierra Boucher both received third-place awards in forms.

The competitors’ next tournament is at Disneyland in February.