Nobel prize, really? |

Nobel prize, really?


Contributors to The R-C letters page on Wednesday and Friday banged their spoons on their high chairs over what they see as the unfair ridicule Obama is getting over receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize.

The prize was an endorsement by a handful of leftie Norwegians of Obama’s beta dog submissiveness to tyrannical murderers.

The evidence against this diplomatic charm offensive is that the Iranians still supply the bombs that blow up our soldiers in Afghanistan and continue to pursue nuclear weapons, while Russia has announced it now feels justified in using nuclear weapons preemptively.

Meanwhile, Obama dawdles over troop deployment for his self-declared “war of necessity” when he’s not too busy golfing, shooting hoops, fundraising, throwing expensive White House parties, and pushing socialized medicine.

Any bad results of this policy will be blamed on the Bush administration.

But our thin-skinned president goes from beta to alpha on domestic critics. The administration is dehumanizing, delegitimizing, and marginalizing Fox News, the US Chamber of Commerce, Rush Limbaugh, health care insurers, and others on its enemies list, for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Speaking of domestic enemies, a self-appointed censorship czar wrote in on Wednesday to object to the donation of three conservative-themed books she’s never read to the Douglas High School library.

Those books won’t provide much counterbalance to on-campus indoctrination by the school’s Amnesty International Club. Pardon the whiff of anti-Semitism from their parent organization, which lambastes Israel’s “disproportionate” efforts to defend its civilian population against terror attacks, applauds American military deserters, and peddles other leftist tripe.

They think Hamas is what goes good with pita bread.

In the Obama world order, a billion is the new million, and Chicago smashmouth is the new domestic policy.

Lynn Muzzy