No notification of TRE water issues |

No notification of TRE water issues

Karen Best
Topaz Ranch Estates


I feel compelled to respond to your article as a resident and former volunteer fire fighter. Mr. Larry Offenstein, TRE GID board chairman is pretty arrogant to put the blame back on the residents of TRE for not getting reverse 911 notification. Several residents who have land lines, who pay for 911 services on their monthly bill, we’re not notified of any water problem.

We called Douglas County Dispatch and gave them our landline and two other landline numbers that we knew of that had no idea about any problem and did not receive any call and they confirmed that they were getting several calls from residents who have land lines that received no notification.

The county spent several million dollars upgrading and expanding emergency services a few years ago and this proves that the upgraded system doesn’t work.

The only thing you have to sign up or register is your cell phone in order to receive notifications if a person no longer has a landline. And so far as volunteers making cold calls, I’d like to know who they called.

I’d also like to know why this catastrophic failure happened. This was discussed at length at GID meetings and with the county a few years ago. Senior employees and residents agreed we were sitting on a time bomb. That pumps were unserviceable, yet they can hand out $1-2 an hour annual raises.

I’m recovering from major surgery and have a child and knew nothing of any problem until late last night Monday night after watching the news.

It would be a bitch to be half recovered from surgery and then end up with dysentery.

The residents of TRE have too long been the step children of Douglas County. It is an election year and it high time the residents out here be heard and respected.