No more itchy backs |

No more itchy backs


Build the Walmart. Let all the gangbangers from California come to our town to buy ammunition. Ask Carson City Walmart, “How are your ammunition sales?” Their employees told me, “we can’t keep the shelves stocked with ammo because of Californians buy it all.”

Build the Walmart. Let our law enforcement be burdened down with more shoplifters. Just listen on any police scanner. Walmart is a hot spot for shoplifting.

Build the Walmart. Let our citizens lose good paying jobs at our fine stores. Then let them hang down their heads and ask Walmart for work. Of course, jobs of mostly part time, low wages and no benefits will be offered. I know this, for they hired me. When I found out the truth I said “no thanks.”

Build the Walmart. Massive traffic problems; more wrecks; more poor, uninsured drivers; maybe an additional traffic light (not free). More traffic means more pollution – air quality and ground water quality. Go count the traffic entering Walmart in Carson City. Do you want that? Don’t call the police if you’re in a wreck. They will be busy with shoplifters, gangbangers, and who knows what else. How much more big truck traffic for deliveries? I know, I drove one.

Build the Walmart. They “did not” in the state we came from (not California). The community fought it together – with lots of proper media – and they stopped it from being built. We can keep this town a decent, enjoyable and proud place to live. Tell Walmart to take their very cheap, foreign made products to another town. How about us just keep on driving – only 12 minutes – to the one in Carson City.

Build the Walmart. Do not say it is a source of revenue. Our very fine grocery stores, drug stores, garden centers, and the stores will close down. Our town folks who lose their good paying jobs will not be a revenue source any more. We will have more empty stores, more empty houses, and more good families moving away. The sign shall read “Welcome to Wal-Martville.” That is all that will be left of our town.

Build the Walmart. A few local – very local – backs have been scratched and no more itching. Scratch it, and they will come. Shame, shame, shame.

Rich Fisher