No issues with water or notification |

No issues with water or notification

John Bingham
Topaz Ranch Estates


I was surprised by some of the statements I read in your coverage of the water main break in Topaz Ranch Estates. I have lived here since 1998 and have never had an issue with water quality or quantity.

Never have I experienced unsightly, foul smelling or bad tasting water from my faucets or taps. In fact, several house guests from other states have commented on the great tasting water we have here.

My daughter’s family from Oklahoma drink bottled water almost exclusively when at home but refill their water bottles from my kitchen faucet when visiting.

The county reverse 911 worked very well for my household. We were notified of the break prior to any mandatory restriction, after restrictions went into effect, twice more on my caller ID while we were out and just now when restrictions were lifted.

I think our district does a great job of providing safe, healthy and great tasting drinking water for our little community. Their response and notification to my household went very well indeed. Thanks to all involved.