No end to drug busts |

No end to drug busts


In the story about the man who went to prison for cocaine trafficking, I am glad that this man will go to prison for at least six years and this drug bust has cleaned up our community’s streets that much more. But there is a more important issue and problem at hand that I am asking the people of Douglas County to listen to.

This important issue being the absurd amount of drugs that are in the Douglas County and the people using these drugs. It seems that every week there is a drug bust of some kind. I am glad that these busts are happening, but there seems to be no end to it. What really worries me is that there is an increasing number of the youth of Douglas County that are starting to use drugs. This can be prevented by the adults and parents of these youth. I have recently talked with the District Attorney of our beautiful town and he told me that the number of drugs and drug users have increased over the last five years. This number needs to drastically decrease if we are to have one of the best towns in Nevada, if not the United States.

What I am asking for the citizens of Douglas County to do is to help stop the spread of drugs. You can do this by saying no to drugs, reporting unusual or strange activity, and stop using drugs if you do use them. If you are a parent, you should know what your child or children are doing at all times, know who your children are friends with, and again, report any drug use or suspicious activity.

If the community and people of Douglas County come and work together then I am 100 percent sure that we can solve and dissolve this drug problem.

It is going to take a community effort and I know that we can do it. We must do it for the sake of the youth and for the future of Douglas County.

Kyle Fencl