Nice timing for parade theme |

Nice timing for parade theme

The theme for Saturday’s Carson Valley Days, “A salute to first responders,” will be a timely thank-you after Tuesday’s incidents across Douglas County.

Saturday marks the 71st straight year Carson Valley has celebrated its heritage with a parade through the towns of Minden and Gardnerville.

On Tuesday, a fire raged through the tiny community of Topaz Lake sending residents fleeing for their safety.

Had it not been for the quick reaction of our first responders, a raging grass fire could have been disastrous.

Douglas County’s first responders also turned out for fires near Ray May Way and Woodfords. In the middle of all that, rescuers took to the snowy Sierra to find a lost hiker on the Tahoe Rim Trail.

At least the earthquake that shook Double Spring Flat didn’t add to the damage. That and flooding, which hasn’t quite equaled the most dire predictions, top the list of hazards faced by Douglas first responders.

If this week has been any indicators, we get the feeling we’re going to be saluting first responders again and again this season, so dedicating the parade to them seems like a fitting start.

For the rest of the summer, let’s keep a weather eye out for trouble to help do our part to aid those folks who protect our lives and property.

And our deepest thanks go out to members of Carson Valley 20-30 Club No. 85, without whom we would not be celebrating this weekend.

Remember to wave at them and the first responders in appreciation for their efforts on behalf of Carson Valley’s biggest party.