New York firm better? |

New York firm better?

Rick Campbell


I noticed a recent headline about a contractor firm being selected to work on Douglas High School. In light of the fact that Nevada’s unemployment hovers around 14 percent, and may even be higher in Douglas County, I can’t help but wonder why an international company, based in New York, owned by a company in Germany was selected. Yes, Minden has a sister city in Germany by the same name, but I think this goes a tad too far. One can’t help but ask if a local company, or companies, rendering the many required services such a project would require could rise to the challenge.

We have many qualified engineers, electricians, contractors, carpenters, material suppliers, etc. that quite probably need the work to feed their families, keep their homes, or pay their bills. The money to finance this project most likely comes from local taxpayers, be they state or federal.

Why are we paying foreign based companies, when we need that money so badly here at home? Perhaps the person, or persons that made the selection is/are willing to share their logic and explain it to those very families that simply will not benefit. Perhaps the savings a company that has credentials that include Ivy League universities, hospitals, etc. can save a few thousand dollars in their bid, but does that justify shunning local talent?