New parade route leaves some out |

New parade route leaves some out


I am Nancy Aguilar, and I am from The New Rancho Grande. I would like to address a few points about the parade changing its route again. We have been in business for more than 15 years, and we are a family business. We help out the town in many ways, such as Relay for Life, Taste of the Town, Arts Council, the Carson Valley Museum & Cultural Center, the Santa Crawl, AYSO, Pop Warner, 20-30 Club on Carson Valley Days, volunteer firefighters and the Washoe Tribe. I don’t have time to go to meetings, because I work at Tahoe Valley School with special needs students, then drive home to work at the restaurant. Since we are a family business, I don’t have anyone to cover for me.

This will be the second year that the parade does not come down Main Street. When I went to the meeting at the Town office, they said they would contact us by email. That never happened until last week when someone told us the parade is not coming down Main Street again.

It does not only affect me as a business, but what about the other stores and restaurants along the highway. The town does not need more empty buildings along the highway. The town should support all of the local businesses. Or is it the two Mexican restaurants that get left out because we are Hispanic?

For the past years, we have had families come in to our restaurant to watch the parade from our big windows up front and our back room. We have people who are older and can’t be out in the cold. That’s why they would come here to keep warm, while the young ones could go in and out to watch the parade.

Nancy Aguilar