Nevadans not playing Harry’s games |

Nevadans not playing Harry’s games


Harry Reid might be an expert at playing games in Washington, but many people in Nevada aren’t playing his game. Several things about the debate he had with Angle are very troubling.

There was a straight forward yes or no question regarding voting on making English our official language. Angle said “yes.” Reid kept his head down and said, “it already is.”

He forgot to mention that in June 2007 he voted no on a measure to make it the official federal language. English is our de facto national language, not the official language.

He claims he has done a lot to secure our border with Mexico. Once again he failed to mention some of the measures regarding this subject and immigration and how he voted. In March 2008 he voted yes to continue funding for sanctuary cities. In September 2006 he voted no to building a fence along the border. In May 2006 he voted yes to allow illegal aliens to participate in Social Security.

In June 1997 he voted no to limit welfare for immigrants. I don’t think this sounds like a man that has the best interests of Nevadans foremost on his agenda. He claims the federal board of education has done a lot for our schools, why then do we rate so low on a national level?

Angle is not so off course when she says the board should be eliminated. It’s just a middle man and we all know that middle men just take a cut for doing very little or nothing.

Mickey Morgan