Needless worries |

Needless worries

Robert J. Christensen, Eugene, Ore.


Two dear friends live near Tahoe. They are long-term, loving companions. I’m deeply saddened at the needless worries the initiative to ban same-sex marriage is injecting into their lives.

The initiative to ban same-sex marriage is forcing Nevadans to choose between the vital spirit of family values and the barren lifelessness of family forms. Opponents of same-sex marriage confuse family values and family forms.

Family values include love, caring, mutual empowerment and fidelity. Family forms concern the sex and numbers of family members. Values are morality; forms are sociology. They are very different.

Family values can be found in very different family forms. Two men, two women, or a man and a woman can live together with love, care, mutual empowerment and fidelity. Opponents of same-sex marriage are not really concerned about family values. They are concerned about sex. For them, sex is only about having babies. They forget it is also about expressing love and the sharing of pleasures.Two men or two women can be exemplary parents, but they cannot have a baby, so they must not be permitted to express their love and share pleasures through sex.

Battles may be lost, but the war for same-sex marriage will be won. Those who oppose merely delay the day of their loss. Modern families face many threats. Same-sex marriage is not one of them.

Like Don Quixote, the opponents of same-sex marriage are tilting at aging windmills. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if their energies, their monies were being spent to resolve real problems?