Need an alternate to 395 |

Need an alternate to 395

R-C Editorial Board

Highway 395 sees an average of 30,500 daily vehicle trips just north of Cradlebaugh Bridge according to the Nevada Department of Transportation’s latest traffic count. Jacks Valley Road sees an average of 2,400 a day just north of Genoa Lane.

So far this year, we’ve twice seen what happens when those 30,500 vehicles try to make it down Jacks Valley Road because Cradlebaugh is closed.

Add to that the 19,000 average vehicle trips on Highway 50 west of Zephyr Cove and you have a serious bottleneck.

Neither Jacks Valley and Foothill roads, nor Genoa, benefit from the increased traffic. The last thing we want Nevada’s oldest town known for is being the home of Nevada’s biggest traffic jam whenever the weather turns.

There has been a solution on the books for decades, but neither the will nor the funding to pursue it.

That’s an East Valley route from Carson City to Carson Valley that connects to the new freeway.

We’ve all but given up on Muller Lane Bypass ever providing any real relief for the Minden-Gardnerville core. The additional housing density that would enable its construction would reduce its effectiveness as a bypass. And it doesn’t solve the bottleneck that lies in the north Valley where Cradlebaugh crosses the Carson River.

An East Valley bypass won’t be a quick fix. It took Carson City more than half a century to get to the point where it has almost finished a freeway around town. But we’re not looking for something that elaborate either. We’d just like to see an alternate north-south route between the rest of the world and where we live.