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NDOT says no deal to traffic signal

staff reports

Too bad for us that the Nevada Department of Transportation ranks Douglas County concerns about pedestrian traffic on Highway 88 at Douglas High School as not even a blip on their radar screen.

That was the word Thursday from Department of Transportation Chief Safety Engineer Fred Droes, who attended a Community Action Team meeting at Douglas High School.

The CAT team is an organization of students, law enforcement officials, parents and other concerned citizens who meet once a month to discuss issues and work toward solutions of community problems. Last month, CAT identified the crosswalk on Highway 88 as a concern.

Traffic in front of the high school is regularly interrupted by students crossing back and forth to attend class or leave campus for lunch or to smoke in the parking lot next to the Exciting First Baptist Church.

CAT members and others fear that the combination of students sauntering through the crosswalk and impatient drivers waiting for them to cross is literally an accident waiting to happen.

One solution was to move the smoking area to the high school. That, wisely, was dropped because the school district bans smoking on all its property and because it’s just not healthy for kids – or anyone else – to be smoking, or encouraged and enabled to do it.

CAT members are now considering a program to teach students how to cross the street, something most of us learned in kindergarten. It’s too bad Crosswalk 101 must be made part of the curriculum, but at least the CAT isn’t dismissing the problem like NDOT.