My thanks to everyone |

My thanks to everyone

Record Courier Staff Reports

In April of this year, The Record-Courier ran an article stating that they were looking for someone to take over writing this column. A friend of ours called me and said that I should do it. I had never done, nor thought of doing, something like this. It was a scary thought, but I applied. It has been difficult, fun, and rewarding, all at the same time.

Those of you in a more populated and closer-to-urban area must have wondered about the reason for some of the items that appear in this column. To understand, it’s important to realize that the Antelope Valley consists of approximately 1,000 residents, who basically have only a few ways to find out what is currently, or will be, happening here. There are word of mouth, flyers on three area bulletin boards, and The Record-Courier with this column. Awareness and involvement are really important in a small community so that people become and stay involved with the area, its events and its future. I’d like to keep everyone aware of the Valley’s life and to encourage their participation in it.

I’ve been able to have fun columns (like the fainting goats) and those more serious (Gen. John Abizaid), as well as keeping up with our local activities.

On that note, I’d like to thank the many people who have made sure I know about events, etc. They’ve made my job so much easier in the past eight months. I have made so many new friends and enjoy the activities that I attend. You are truly appreciated.

This and that

n As one of the final holiday events to report, the home decorating contest was won by Jerry and Becky Holden. I live near them and had been really impressed with their creative decorating, so I’m not surprised at their win. Second place went to Bob and Brenda Musil, with third to Rob and Mary Jo Brown. Congratulations to all three.

n As this column reaches its deadline, I’ve found out about a new wireless system that is available locally for those of us who would like to be done with dial-up connections for our computers. I’m getting more details to pass on to you next week.

n Since my husband’s new TV is hooked up and super to watch, I know that we’ll be seeing many football games in the coming weeks. Get out the popcorn.

I hope your Christmas was all you wished for and that your New Year is great, too. My best to all!

n Lynne Katusich can be reached at or (530) 495-2552.