Museum in trouble |

Museum in trouble

Dianne L. Butrick


I’m sure you are not aware that Nevada State Museum is in trouble. Government asks how we can get visitors to Northern Nevada?

One place that attracts visitors is the Nevada State Museum.

Carson City is the Capital of Nevada, but our Nevada State Museum is given no funding. All the money given to the museum is being sent to Las Vegas, which also has a “Nevada State Museum” (they couldn’t think of their own name).

There were several artists with original works specific to this area, displaying and selling items at the Nevada State Museum trying to bring life to the gift store. They gave 35 percent of an item’s sale price back to the museum, but as of Feb. 17 due to “no funding” they must have their items removed. If the items are sold before the artist gets paid and the museum gets 35 percent of the sale price, how can they not have money? Where is the money going? Our gift shop is bare.

Please visit the gift shop. We need our community to rally and let the treasurer know we need funding back to “our” museum.

We cannot have a poor showing in the State Museum.

Please help keep the museum and its gift shop going. Only with your help will our Nevada State Museum continue to show visitors the heritage of Northern Nevada and give them a chance to view local artistry.