Muller not a freeway |

Muller not a freeway

A 1964 Record-Courier story reporting a state representative’s comments about a bypass around Minden and Gardnerville by 1972 wasn’t really about Muller Lane Parkway.

That envisioned bypass ran along the base of the Pine Nuts to connect with the then proposed bypass of Carson City.

That Carson City project didn’t come to fruition for another 54 years, and there hasn’t been a single shovel of dirt turned on the East Valley bypass, though it shows up on state and county plans.

The proposal to build something along the right-of-way of Muller Lane Parkway was in the works later in the Valley’s history with it turning up on the books thanks to longtime planner Ray Smith.

Last week’s approval of a master plan map receiving area swap from Topaz Ranch Estates to Carson Valley in order to obtain the right of way for Muller Parkway raised questions about the nature of the route.

The Parkway has never been envisioned as a freeway. Every map we’ve ever seen of it has included multiple connections. There are currently connections to Toler Lane, Grant Avenue, Pinenut Road, Monte Vista and an unnamed road in Minden, in addition to Highway 395 and a future connection to Heybourne.

It has been a decade since truck traffic was banned from the future route. The county has no plans to sink enough money into Muller Parkway to make it possible to trade it with the state for Highway 395. Estimates are that half the truck traffic passing through Minden and Gardnerville would remain on Highway 395.

Muller Parkway will chiefly serve the residents of projects along its route. It may serve to reduce some of the car traffic along Highway 395, but unless commissioners change their minds, it won’t take a single truck off Main Street.