Muller Lane’s blurry future |

Muller Lane’s blurry future

For the residents who wind up living alongside the future Muller Lane Parkway, it will always be their main route out of town.

Assuming of course it is ever built.

When first proposed, the parkway route traveling along the north side of Minden and Gardnerville was seen as an alternative route to Highway 395, which passes through the middle of the two towns.

As the years went by, it was seen as the towns’ northern boundary. Its right of way has been a valuable bargaining chip in the Carson Valley version of Monopoly that has played out.

But after the Great Recession, and the failure of at least one key project along the route, it looks less and less viable as a bypass.

The real concern is that development along the route is going to focus on the Gardnerville side in the near future.

That means those new Douglas County residents are going to be joining the stream of motorists on Highway 395 for several years before something vaguely resembling an alternate route is available to them.

As we see it, by the time the parkway is completed, it will have very little effect on the number of vehicles using Main Street.

Other routes around town have been identified, including one along the southern boundaries of the towns and another in eastern Carson Valley.

We don’t know what the future holds for any of these routes. Ask those folks who’ll be living near either of them, and their response is likely to be they really don’t need an alternate route or a bypass.

Unless there’s a big increase in the number of people living here in the near future, that might be the answer for all of us, like it or not.