Motive behind Tahoe County movement is pure selfishness and greed |

Motive behind Tahoe County movement is pure selfishness and greed

Meredith and Mike Jessup

The time has come; the time is now It is time that someone stands up and points out to all concerned why Michael Jabara and Tahoe Citizens Committee are now attempting to persuade the Nevada Legislature to form their own Tahoe County and separate school district. It has absolutely nothing to do with the stated reasons that Mr. Jabara and his casino industry cronies have given in their public statements and printed comments. They claim that they are not getting their fair share of the taxes that derive from the profits generated in the businesses they own and manage, and that forming their own county will create parity between themselves and the rest of us who live in Carson Valley when it comes to county services and education. No, my friends, this is only the smokescreen that they have used to try and cover their real motives. This movement has nothing to do with fairness, but everything to do with pure selfishness and greed.

Mr. Jabara and his committee of modern aristocrats and Tahoe land barons are only attempting to further feather their already magnificent Lake-view nests by receiving increased services with decreased taxes which would indeed be the result of forming their own county. In addition, once they have control of their own county government, they can begin the kind of unbridled casino development that has always been the secret dream of the Steve Wynns and the other Las Vegas casino entrepreneurs. They are already trying to take control of the TRPA, once they have their own county planning commission nothing will stop them from building the Lake Tahoe Strip.

And, of course, all this will be made possible only at the expense of the rest of us, the 93 percent of our county who live in the Valley. Mr. Jabara and his committee are like a modern-day Robin Hood and his Merry Men, but in reverse, because this time they are planning to steal from the poor workers and their “peasant” families who live in the Valley, and give to the rich Tahoe “Lords and Ladies” to embellish their lakeside castles. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are created equal, however, it is obvious that Mr. Jabara and his band of robber barons believe that they are more equal than the rest of us and are entitled to more public services and better public education. It is not enough for them to already receive far greater shares of both the county budget and the school district budget when compared to their mere 7 percent population. For instance, the Douglas County School District already spends on the average $2,000 more per pupil on Lake students than on those who attend Valley schools, and provide one counselor for every 287 Lake students compared to 1/844 Valley students. It is not enough that they can afford to live in one of the most expensive real estate markets in the country. It is not enough that they are the owners and managers and professionals that earn the highest incomes in our county. No, that is the problem, it is never enough for them

So who do the rest of us, the mere mortals who cannot live on Mt. Olympus with the “demi-gods,” the working class that makes up 93 percent of this county, who do we turn to advance our interests and take steps to insure that this money grab on the part of the rich few is not allowed to happen? We would agree with Senator Jacobson who recently stated that the county doesn’t need to waste any more of our tax money to hire its own high-priced advocate. I also think it unnecessary to form a DCCC to represent our vested interests in maintaining our county government and school district intact. Instead, we call upon those who have already been hired by the voters of this county to represent the best interests of the vast majority of Douglas County residents, to speak out against this ludicrous plan, and to do what is needed to stop this movement once and for all. We call upon State Sen. Lawrence Jacobsen, Assemblyman Lynn Hettrick, and Gov. Bob Miller to fulfill their elected responsibility of being the paid advocates of the majority of us who live in the Valley, who every day drive up the hill to deal the cards, and serve the drinks, and make the beds, and perform all of the other sometimes menial, yet vital, jobs and tasks that make it possible for Mr. Jabara and his friends to be the wealthy managers and owners that they are.

We ask each Douglas County voter who feels the same as we do to call, write, and/or visit these representatives now and make your opinions known to them. It is only when the united voice of the people has been loudly and clearly articulated to our representatives that they can turn deaf ears to the self-serving noises made by the wealthy and powerful few. Make your voice heard today the time has come; the time is now!

Editor’s note: Meredith and Mike Jessup are Douglas County school teachers and Carson Valley residents.