More than reputation at stake |

More than reputation at stake

Lynn Muzzy


Regarding your Oct. 7 editorial “Weapon in IHOP shooting modified” I take exception to your conclusion that ” . . . someone knew exactly what they were doing when they modified a perfectly legal weapon in an illegal way” and that “[t]his is the sort of thing that gives gun enthusiasts a bad reputation, and makes it harder to argue for gun rights.”

Would you also say that a nutcase who yells “fire” in a crowded theater gives free speech rights advocates a bad reputation?

It’s illegal under federal law for civilians to fabricate machine guns. Citizens may, under highly restrictive conditions and in states that allow it, own machine guns that come from a finite pool of already registered firearms. That pool may not be added to by domestic manufacture or importation. Plan on spending from $10,000 to $50,000 and up for one of these little toys, but only after several months’ waiting time and a paperwork stack the size of a Russian novel.

Unless you can show that gun enthusiasts or gun rights supporters approve of manufacturing illegal machine guns – which we do not – it’s illogical to suggest the our reputations should be tarnished by some contrived connection to the IHOP shooting. Law enforcement will eventually find out who actually modified the gun and who actually put it in the hands of a homicidal maniac, and those accessories to murder will pay with more than tarnished reputations.

Idle journalists looking for a real crime to investigate might want to join their colleague Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, who uncovers more evidence every day that the Obama administration attempted to plant false evidence through the ATF “Fast and Furious” program that law-abiding gun dealers were arming Mexican drug cartels.

Firearms bought by the ATF with taxpayer money through straw purchasers, who were excused from the normal FBI background checks, were part of a frame-up to severely abridge the second amendment rights of every US citizen. The latest news from Sharyl is that the Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been caught lying about this matter under oath.

The only government officials who took serious note of the testimony of a couple of honest ATF agents about “Fast and Furious” are the Republicans in Congress. Their efforts to find out who was really responsible for the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and several hundred innocent Mexican civilians are being publicized principally by Fox News and talk radio.

Sorry to be so strident, but we “gun enthusiasts” just ducked one attempt to tarnish our reputations and abridge our rights. Please don’t pick up where the feds left off.