More takers than makers |

More takers than makers


In response to the article “No Basis for Letter” dated Nov. 14, we agree completely with Adam Nanninga on his response to Tommy Wilson-O’Brien; however, we have a few added comments to Tommy’s letter.

We want to know what Obama has done for the majority of the American people. All we see is our savings earning nothing, 401Ks trying to make a comeback, higher gas prices (double in four years) and higher food prices.

He won re-election due to their being more takers than makers now.

We want to set the record straight on the 14 percent tax that everyone refers to without understanding it. Mr. Rommey and Mr. Buffet both collect interest on their investments and this is the tax structure rate for this type of income.

For your information Fox News reports the truth because they check their facts before it is put on the air. This is the reason why they have been No. 1 in news reporting for the past 12 years.

Lastly we want to remind everyone that it wasn’t under the Bush administration that we lost our Triple A rating, it was the Obama administration and he added $6 trillion in less than four years.

We want you to know that we vote for the person and not the party but there hasn’t been a Democrat worth voting for since JFK.

B. Anderson and P. Kracher