More speed limit signs on Highway 395 |

More speed limit signs on Highway 395


Seems like were having about two or more traffic accidents per month along the 395 corridor between South Sunridge at Silver City RV and North Sunridge at (Jacks Valley).

The speed drops from 65 mph to 55 heading north just past Silver City RV Park. Most people keep going 65 mph or faster until they stop at Mica, or keep going. This is not a freeway. The southbound starts at Jacks Valley and the speed is 55 mph until you pass the nursery.

The speed is 55 mph both directions. One of the reasons I believe of the speed confusion is that there are not enough 55 mph signs posted at intervals.

A few extra 55 mph signs at 1,000 to 1,500-foot intervals, north and south will keep the motorists aware of the posted speed as they travel up and down the hill.

We have driven by three crashes, two in December and now the big rig this week.

We always watch our speed and get “the eye” as people fly by us.

There is no reason to rush up or down that corridor, but it seems faster is better, until you crash.

I suggest NDOT do something. Signs are not a bad idea? A few bucks will save lives. Speed kills. There’s on old saying we have all heard of. It’s called “Tombstone Progress.”

Wayne R. Walters

Saratoga Springs Estates