More perfect union |

More perfect union

Ned Litin


We the people in an effort to create a more perfect union.

To the people who hate our government. It is our government. That is (us) we the people trying to help each other to succeed and to be happy.

Government is not the enemy. I agree our current government is too difficult for us citizens to interface with. Unfortunately the reality of our current citizens is that we are misinformed, too tied up in our lives to be responsible citizens, and have chosen not to care, mainly from frustration.

The giant tax increase of taxing our time to be involved, informed, and to be a good citizen, is a tax that We should have been paying.

In the near future, we will be forced again to be citizens, because we will soon lose all our powers to the will of giant money.

The giant money will make it hard for We the People, to be able to get our government back.

As the giant Money will control all the levers – media, financial, banking, military, police, and our courts. Be careful of hating what it is that we need to love and nurture.

Misplaced frustration is understandable – though thoughtful involvement is a better solution than destroying our government that we need now more than ever.

We the People need to take our government back from the giant money, and elect politicians who are focused on helping We the People, not the super rich.