More of a nightmare |

More of a nightmare


Way to go Sen. Reid. Attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Authorization Bill – what a stroke of genius. What a great way to assure the American people, and the voters of Nevada, that you are part of the most ethical and transparent Congress in history. Everything open and above board; no pandering to special interests; everything out in the open. And to prove it you attach an amendment, allowing the children of illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens, to the Defense Authorization Bill. Really?

Granting amnesty to some 2 million children of illegal immigrants for simply attending college for two years – great idea.

Attaching the DREAM Act to the Defense Authorization Bill so that it would be difficult for any member of Congress to oppose it – crafty.

Thinking that the next step will be to grant amnesty to the families of all those children, and that no one will notice because we are all idiots – priceless.

Do you not understand that any possible merits of the DREAM Act are overshadowed by the shady, back door process of attaching it to a totally unrelated Bill? That is anathema to what the electorate has repeatedly said they want – fair and open debate on specific issues.

It is so very reassuring to know that we have the “most ethical and transparent” Congress in history; free of backroom deals, lobbyists, and pandering to special interests. What a joke.

Gary Griffith