More neighbors coming soon |

More neighbors coming soon

Record Courier Staff Reports

You may not have noticed that many more cars traveling down Highway 395, but in the past week the towns of Minden and Gardnerville pretty much doubled in size.

The approval of 1,600 new homes along the eastern boundaries of the two towns by Douglas County commissioners was not a surprise.

After all both the Anker-Park and Virginia Ranch subdivisions are on lands designated for growth in the master plan.

The 603-home Anker-Park development is not the largest approved by commissioners last week, but it is closest to the town boundaries.

The largest was Virginia Ranch with room for more than 1,000 families located south of Gardnerville along Highway 395.

Virginia Ranch does require the transfer of development rights from other land in the Valley to build at density. It also requires that Muller Lane Parkway go through.

The fact that it has taken eight years for the two projects to come forward since the approval of the plan has been the real surprise.

With housing prices rising as quickly as they are, it has been difficult for landowners to resist the call of money.

But keeping the growth close to where services are and using transferred development rights to protect our agricultural lands is the best way we can meet the pressures of future growth and preserve Carson Valley’s unique character.

The irony is that the folks now protesting further growth will have a lot of new neighbors to turn out and join them once these two developments are built and inhabited.