Money always wins |

Money always wins

Letter to the EDITOR:

In the 41 years that I have been a homeowner, I have lived in five different communities where growth was an issue, and the outcome has always been the same D the ones with the money win, i.e. the developers.

I’ve only been a Gardnerville resident for a little over a year, and I truly love it here, but I can see the handwriting on the wall. If the developers have their way, we will not be this lovely little friendly community for the long haul. We will be a big sprawling community with water, traffic, crime and God only knows what other problems.

I lived in Davis, Calif., when it was a sleepy little college town. I lived at Lake Tahoe when there were only a few houses in my neighborhood. I lived in Folsom, where my house was the last house on the outskirts of town and four years later, it was in the middle of town. It didn’t matter that their water and sewer systems were inadequate. They were fined $700,000 by the state of California for a sewage spill, but that didn’t stop the builders. I attended a Folsom City Council meeting on another matter and was shocked to watch the members pass any and every project that was proposed, handing out variances where requested without a moment’s hesitation and never listening to legitimate objections. Why? Because there was so much money going into the city coffers from the developers. I suspect it was going into some pockets as well.

I have been trying to run away from development, horrendous traffic and all the myriad of problems that go with out-of-control growth for years, but I have yet to see the populace win. I really hope that, in this case, the Sustainable Growth Initiative will be allowed on the ballot by the courts and ultimately prevail, but I’m not holding my breath!

Sandra Johnson


Aug. 3