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Minimum too high


If I owned and operated a small business at the Minden-Tahoe Airport and comply with all current codes and standards you are now proposing new minimum standards to which I would have to comply. I might have been in business there at the same location for 17 years with a following of loyal repeat customers.

Now you propose to adopt new minimum standards of site and floor areas with which I do not comply.

I might be surrounded by other businesses who either own their location or have long-term leases for their spaces and therefore cannot expand my business.

I cannot afford the additional costs of a larger space and the cost of moving. I cannot meet your new minimum standards in 180 days or two years or ever.

Therefore, your new minimum standards which do not have any sort of “grandfathering” provisions will put me out of business and I will have to lay off my six employees. Their families will suffer and probably lose their homes to foreclosure.

It is much like you putting up a stop sign after I have passed through the intersection and then issuing me a ticket for violating the stop sign.

Please tell me how that is smart government?

Stuart Posselt